Rgistered Ram- What is it?

  Dorsai 14:16 12 Jun 2004

I have bought a New Mobo, GT7-Raid.

It had four DDR SDRAM DIMM Slots, pc1600 or pc2100. If i use Registerd Ram i can use all four, if not, only 2.

I would like to get registerd ram, as this will let me upgrade in the future, as i can use all 4 slots, but registered ram costs more.

Why? Is is Better in some way, If so How?

Looking for ram i Find ECC Registerd ram- Is this what the manual means, as the manual makes no mention of the ECC bit?

Does it matter any-way?

As i plan to use XP on it, is there a max Mem size, like ME's 512MB. If So it may not matter. Can install max 2GB if non registers, or max 3.5gb if regesterd.

  Old Shep 14:52 12 Jun 2004

Hve never heard of registered ram before however if you do a Google search for reistered ram it all says ECC. Don't know if this helps click here

  MartinT-B 14:58 12 Jun 2004

click here

""What does ECC and Registered mean?

The AthlonFX does not require ECC (Error Checking & Control) RAM, rather it does require registered RAM. As it happens, most registered RAM tends to be ECC, as with this sample from Crucial.

ECC was basically created for stability reasons, after Parity RAM was the norm. Parity RAM added a bit to each Byte, for the purposes of validating the Byte it has attached itself to. ECC on the other hand not only checks the Bytes, it also has an extra bit to correct most errors, where Parity RAM would generally halt the system before further errors could occur. ECC does incur a slight performance hit, and due to the fact most RAM today rarely produce errors, unless you need ECC, don't bother with it.

Registered RAM contains a "register" to aid in ensuring the data is being handled correctly, delaying all data from being transferred to the module for one clock cycle. The registers re-drives the signal throughout the memory chips which in turn allows for each module to be built with more memory chips, a plus for systems which require registered memory for sure.

As you can see, both features are geared towards stability rather than performance, and while the Opteron and FX51 are certainly high performers in the CPU market, the RAM required for use with both, like the Crucial RAM in today's review, is not high performance itself.""


  Dorsai 18:55 12 Jun 2004

So basically i can have four dimms of slightly slow, expensive ram, or two of faster, cheaper stuff, at the expence of lack of upgradability. wonder how noticable the performace hit is?

Perhaps get one non registerd 512mb for now and

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