rf feed to satellite or VCR

  wak2003 23:20 26 Feb 2006

I would like to ask why Dr. Marcus recommends in earlier blog rf feed to digibox, then digibox to VCR, then VCR to TV as opposed to rf feed direct to VCR?

Thank you,

Alan Walker

  Fellsider 23:59 26 Feb 2006

Surely you would have to put the Digibox BEFORE the VCR to enable you to record to the VCR from it! (If you want to that is!)

  BRYNIT 01:05 27 Feb 2006

If you have connected you Digi box, VCR and TV via scart leads you do not require the rf connecting through the digi box.

If you have not connected your digi box to your VCR/TV via scart leads you will need the rf lead conected to the Digi box first to be able to record from your digi box.

  rmcqua 12:21 27 Feb 2006

I don't want to hijack your thread but I'm following this with interest because my question is similar to yours.
I would like to know the correct way to connect digibox, DVD recorder and TV. All items have 2 scart sockets. I have tried various combinations, with different results.

  wak2003 18:04 27 Feb 2006

Thanks Brynit,
Can you give the rationale for your answer? I have the Digibox before the VCR with SCART connections to TV. Hence my question re Dr. Marcus' recommendation. By rf I mean terrestial analogue signal.

  wak2003 18:15 27 Feb 2006

Sorry for confusion! By Digibox I mean standard Sky Digibox.

  BRYNIT 21:05 27 Feb 2006

If the RF feed was direct to VCR first and you did not connect the digi box to the VCR via a scart lead you would not be able to record any sky channel.

  BRYNIT 21:34 27 Feb 2006


TV ariel to digi box RF in.

Digi box RF 1 out off to RF in on the VCR or DVD recorder

VCR or DVD RF out to TV

RF 2 out from digi box allows you to connect an ariel lead to another room. Using a sky TV link kit will allow you to switch the sky channels over you will need to change a setting in system services for this to work.

Scart connections

Digi box (TV scart) ext 1 to TV scart ext 1

Digi box (VCR scart) ext 2 to VCR or DVD recorder scart ext 2

VCR or DVD ext 1 to TV scart ext 2

To record from digi box you can record from ext 2

Switching the digi box on will usually swich the TV to ext 1

You may need to use AV button to change TV to ext 2 to watch DVD

  rmcqua 21:50 27 Feb 2006

Thanks BRYNIT, that's very useful, and thanks wak2003 for letting me use your thread.

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