Rewritable CDs

  SGBowen 09:52 08 Oct 2004

I can burn recordable CDs but not rewritable ones. I have an LG CED-8080B drive and am using Windows 98. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

  rawprawn 10:00 08 Oct 2004

Have you tried formatting them first ?

  Diemmess 10:25 08 Oct 2004

As rawprawn says, though this is assuming you are also using the correct software?

For instance Nero has InCD which must be running before you can use re-writable CDs, and EasyCD has its own program too.

  billyliv 10:49 08 Oct 2004

Hi, I found CD/RWs to be the most unreliable media so much so I stopped using them ages ago. DVD Re-writers are more reliable and they are getting lower in price all the time. Cheers, Bill

  pimpers 10:55 08 Oct 2004

The problem with all new technology is things improve.

Check the speed of your re-write drive and buy CDRW's matching that speed.

I have and old RW drive so I can only use speeds under 5X, more modern ones are 10X +. Get a 1X - 4X RW disc and try again.

This might help.


  TomJerry 10:58 08 Oct 2004

but you can erase and reuse them 1000 times.

Do not use any format (packet writting exactly) software such as InCD and DirectCD because they are incompitable and unreliable.

  pj123 12:47 08 Oct 2004

I never format my CD/RWs anymore. Do as TomJerry says. I use Nero and burn them exactly the same as a CDR. Just make sure it is started as a Multisession disc. I also don't burn CD/RWs faster that 4x regardless. Be aware also that CD/RWs are not as stable as CDRs. I always burn to two discs but haven't had a problem yet. There is always a first time though.

  Jake 13:54 08 Oct 2004

On that subject since i recently changed to WINDOWS XP when i try to burn more data onto a cd i am getting a message to the effect I HAVE ALREADY DATA ON DISC DO I WANT NERO TO ERASE IT. I do not want to erase i want to keep the data along with new data. I am using Nero 5.5. Can anyone help

  TomJerry 15:56 08 Oct 2004

WinXP's own CD burn program does not support multi-seesion burning, so better to turn it off.

Nero 5.5 does not work well for XP. So better get nero 6 which you can get under a £5 (legal copy) click here

  SGBowen 09:25 09 Oct 2004

With both Nero and EasyCD I only get an option to burn at 2x, but the discs I am using are 4-12x and the drive is 4x. Then I get an error message saying that it cannot recognize the discs at all. The discs are OK - someone who has XP has tried them for me.
Something must need upgrading somewhere - any ideas?

  jimv7 10:36 09 Oct 2004


"WinXP's own CD burn program does not support multi-session burning, so better to turn it off."

I use xp's own cd writing software to keep all avg updates on, adding new updates when downloaded, never had a glitch, problems can arise when incd is installed.

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