Rewarding the helpful guys on the PCA forums...

  simon_lambert 00:07 30 Mar 2007

Since discovering this website, I have done pretty much nothing but ask questions, as I have only recently obtained such a passion for computing. And I quickly picked up that there are a bunch of guys who come up a lot in the replies with really helpful stuff. These people are going out of their way to make everyones lives a little bit easier and ultimately make the PC Advisor forums a success.

Since someone from PC Advisor probably looks at the posts on here, I offer a thought. How about rewarding these people? Something to show that there work on here is appreciated by the simpletons such as myself, who would be stuck for a answer most of the time, questions which 'googling' doesn't answer.
How about a free subscription to your magazine or something? Or some free software?

Just an idea, it would be a nice way to thank the individuals on here that have made this a great place to get help from.

  Strawballs 00:14 30 Mar 2007

I can't speak for anyone else, but a thanks is reward enough because most of us get help as well as give it.

  Stuartli 00:22 30 Mar 2007

This suggestion has been made on numerous occasions - the general consensus is that everyone is here to help others and that is exactly how it should be.

In the case of someone from PC Advisor "probably looking at the posts on here" that is an accurate assumptin.

The individual concerned is the Forum Editor and it's his job to keep the forums in apple pie order and to prevent any abuse of the facilities which are on offer.

  Stuartli 00:23 30 Mar 2007

..."an accurate assumption"...:-)

  Taff™ 00:24 30 Mar 2007

Speaking for myself, your post is sufficient thanks. Many of us give our time and knowledge freely because we too were once in the same position - just looking for someone to offer their advice. Most of the experts have to ask questions as well because believe me - we all keep learning!

  Diversion 00:26 30 Mar 2007

We get plenty of free software with the PC Advisor magazine, on the CD's and DVD's that come with the magazine. We are all still learning about how a computer ticks, I don't think anyone knows everything about computers and the diferrent problems that keep popping up.

  Sparkly 06:33 30 Mar 2007

simon_lambert Good call. Thanks to all who give us help.

  Meshuga 06:52 30 Mar 2007

I agree with all the foregoing comments. The people who give their time and knowledge to help others do it without thought of reward. The thanks of the people they have helped is sufficient for them.

  Forum Editor 06:57 30 Mar 2007

of those who help others here, for without them the forum wouldn't exist. Some of our helpers have been doing it for years, and others are fairly recent additions to our band of experts.

People who frequent the various forum areas do it because they derive satisfaction from helping others, and providing free subscriptions isn't a viable option I'm afraid - there are hundreds and hundreds of people involved, and this site already costs a fair amount to operate.

Thanks for the suggestion, however, and for your praise - we're pleased you've found the forum helpful.

  Technotiger 08:08 30 Mar 2007

Hi, and Thank you to You ... and that is all we would like in return! In my case, as I guess in many others, this is a great Hobby which helps 'us' too and certainly keeps the old (very old) grey matter ticking over - you might be surprised how many of us have nothing better to do - being Silver Surfers :-))

  moorie- 09:20 30 Mar 2007

just like to add a thanks to all the peeps who dedicate so much time to their hobby to help so many.

Fantastic forum keep up the good work!

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