Revo Un-installer new version.

  muddypaws 19:27 18 Sep 2010

Just opened mine up and had an update.
May be a couple of weeks since I used it so may be old news.

  sunnystaines 19:37 18 Sep 2010

just checked mine is ver 1.89 no message.

  muddypaws 20:01 18 Sep 2010

Same as mine then.

  JITC1 20:33 18 Sep 2010

Thank you, just checked mine and it needed updating

  TonyV 21:25 18 Sep 2010

My copy is the Pro version which is 2.4.1 and was updated a few days ago. Maybe they have updated both the free and Pro versions.


  birdface 10:20 19 Sep 2010

Mine still showed 1.89 but on searching it is 2.41.

click here

Just downloaded it from there over the top.

  birdface 10:21 19 Sep 2010

Oops cancell that it is a 30 day trial. So ignore it.

  birdface 10:58 19 Sep 2010

Just had a good idea I will get Revo to uninstall it after a month as it leaves the old version intact.

  birdface 14:04 19 Sep 2010

I Just removed Silverlight with the new version and it cleared it all in the one attempt.
You normally have to open at least two other pages to clear the debris with the free version.
It still would not indulge me to pay for it mind you.
I will stick with the free version.

  sunnystaines 14:56 19 Sep 2010

have you ever used silverlight, i have always installed it but never come across a need to use it as of yet.

  birdface 15:17 19 Sep 2010

I have never used it but whether it actually makes any difference to what I have on my computer I doubt it.
I just got fed up with the constant reminders to download it that I eventually did.
Even though I ticked do not show this update again it still came up.
This time its off and going to stay off.

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