Revo-Should i tick 'un-bolded' items?

  buel 14:43 19 Dec 2009

Hello. i have just used Revo uninstaller to uninstall Bull Guard that came with my new laptop. Normally when Revo uninstalls something i tick all the boxes of leftover registry items and i have never had any problems even though revo does warn you(me) not to tick the 'un-bolded' items. my question is has anyone had any problems by ticking ALL the items when they uninstall a program? And should i only tick the bold items?
Sorry for seemingly an obvious question but i just want to make sure!!

  buel 16:01 19 Dec 2009

Am i allowed to bump?

  mfletch 16:19 19 Dec 2009

I just select all and have had no problems,

  DieSse 19:30 19 Dec 2009

You should only untick he bold items - otherwise you may be removing items not related to he gram you're uninstalling.

  Technotiger 20:04 19 Dec 2009

You should not tick or un-tick anything at all, just accept Revo's settings. When given the option to Select All and then to Delete All, DO SO - the same again if you are given the same option a second time. After which, click on Finish when it appears.

  buel 20:22 19 Dec 2009

Ah but Revo tells me to 'verify the bolded items' and 'only checked bolded items and their subitems will be deleted' (bad english, i know, but that's what it says!)
So i shouldn't Select all then?

  Technotiger 20:23 19 Dec 2009

When you click on Select All - that is only referring to All the items in Bold print - not all the items shown in bold and plain print!

  mfletch 20:25 19 Dec 2009

If you look at the entries there all expanded and there is no other entries in there so you are only deleting what revo is telling you to.

  rdave13 20:31 19 Dec 2009

When Revo needs to delete registry keys it would be wise to remove only the keys shown in BOLD.
Sometimes you will need to expand the tree showing so as to be able to delete the pertaining keys.
At the bottom of the window it will show the amount of registry keys to remove.
I suppose that this isn't infallible but so far Revo has worked well.
I now use the 'advanced' settings to uninstall.

Be careful when uninstalling any Microsoft products, though, as using Revo could create problems.

  buel 20:54 19 Dec 2009

Brilliant!! i now see what you all mean, thank you for that!!

  gazzaho 22:37 19 Dec 2009

I've found from time to time that, as rdave13 says you have to expand a tree in order to find the bold items, I've also noticed if you don't get all the bold items on the first go it still lists the tree with the bold items after you hit delete. Again as the others say I only ever delete bold entries.

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