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  123joey123 14:28 29 Dec 2006

Some time ago I asked for an expert review of my website click here
and it was deservedly heavily critiicised. Because of that and because my password did not work in IE7 I have taken on board much of what was said and re-designed it.
If anyone can spare the time to have a look and make any further suggestions I would be grateful. I know I'm no expert and am happy to make any changes suggested.

  mco 16:42 29 Dec 2006

I didn't see your original site I'm afraid but I'll comment on your new one. It is simple and to the point and not flashy - and that is always appreciated. I would make the photos a lot smaller though, and the links in the navigation bar don't look quite right in as much as they don't look as if they are links when you click on them and don't chang colour (or at least not in firefox which I'm currently viewing in) I would also make the text smaller. I appreciate larger text but not that large as it gives it the site a less 'adult' feel. Also it might be worth checking your page sizes ( see you've done it in serifwebplus 9) as they jerk a bit from one to the next. All the best!

  Kate B 18:33 29 Dec 2006

Just a quick observation: the site would look cleaner with a sans font rather than the serif font you've chosen. Also, in Firefox, the pointer doesn't change when you hover over a link so it's a case of click and hope for the best that you're actually on a clickable link.

For tidiness' sake you should make the bottom of the picture on your front page line up with the last line of text.

  PurplePenny 20:33 29 Dec 2006

mco and Kate B make a very good point about the links. The reason they don't look like links is that they are OnClick events so they don't have the behaviour of HTML links. That could be confusing for some people.

If you are going to have javascript links then they really should do something to indicate that they *are* links: as mco suggests they could change colour. Alternatively if you don't want them to change colour why make the javascript links at all? Why not HTML? The latter would be better from an accessibility point of view anyway.

What editor did you use to create the site?

  mco 00:44 30 Dec 2006

that you've done the site in Serifwebplus 9 so why not just use one of the purpose built navbars? Or if you want it in the same style, then just hyperlink in the regular way?

  123joey123 11:45 30 Dec 2006

Thanks all. Will do the changes.

  Gaz 25 16:44 30 Dec 2006

Members, change it from red, it's too contrasting and come eyes wont be able to see it correctly.

Change the colour to a lighter one.

  Gaz 25 16:48 30 Dec 2006

click here

Title: Home

I would suggest: Westgate and Birchington Golfclub : %pagetitle%

Where %pagetitle% is a variable, edit that to show the page name, for example: Home

  acsmanhtml12 19:08 30 Dec 2006

After tinkering with Web Developer extension and your site it is heavily image based very bloated and I hate the text. The div's are overly big and used to many times in the navi. Try turning images off and getting anywhere aswell. The font could do with changing along with the design. If I went on that page withou it saying it was for a golf club I would think it was for a site out of the 1990's.

  123joey123 09:31 31 Dec 2006

Thank you all for taking the trouble to help me. I am taking all the reports and redoing it with one exception.acsmanhtml12 says he hates the text.
Here I am not a beginner and,for many years have published articles and publicity material.The text tells the reader exactly what the message is, with one exception, and I was dubuious about putting it in and it is coming out.

I appreciate him taking the time to help me but if I may take a sentence in his answer,
'try turning images off and getting anywhere as well.' I'm sorry, but if that's not an example of poor English, I don't know what is.I don't know what it means, but, as I said, all is much appreciated.

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