Reverting to XP Pro from Vista Ultimate

  User-BFAC8B73-04C2-43B2-94F249FDAC675856 14:09 09 Feb 2008

I appreciate that this is probably one of hundreds of threads regarding this issue but I could really do with some help. I am currently running Vista Ultimate which I HATE and want to go back to the much more reliable XP Pro - I have a Novatech laptop with AMD Athlon 63 Processor 3400+ 800 MHz with 511 MB RAM.

I have the original rescue cd that came with the laptop with XP Pro on it but as usual it will not let me 'downgrade' my OS and need to know exactly how to format the hard drive and be able to re-install from the rescue disc. I have set the boot sequence to cd drive but wont boot from there as it keeps wanting to boot from hard drive and am getting rather flustered so any step by step help would be greatly appreciated as I cant get rid of vista fast enough as my once very fast laptop is running at a snails pace and crashing for fun.



  VoG II 14:11 09 Feb 2008

Try this click here

VoG - thanks for the link - very good article and would have been great except I got rid of the Windows.old file so cant use this method.

  tullie 14:43 09 Feb 2008

You won be able to re install XP with your rescue cd unless XP is on a hidden partition on drive,a Xp cd is required.

I have a genuine copy of xp home edition in addition to my xp pro rescue disc - will this help?

  tullie 14:57 09 Feb 2008

Put XP cd in drive and boot from cd drive.Make sure that you have saved all your XP drivers onto cd or pen drive,you will need them after installation.

  Pamy 15:02 09 Feb 2008

How did you install Vista Altimate, in most cases I think it would format the drive and then install. If so all the previous data would have been lost so no "recovery" disk can recover what is no longer there. you only option is to install XP home. or buy XP Pro.

Just tried that - went into the bios settings and made sure that it was set to bood from cd drive and then hard drive but just boots straight into vista.

  tullie 15:13 09 Feb 2008

Are you certain that when you changed boot order,that you saved the new settings?

  VoG II 15:15 09 Feb 2008

You also need to watch out for a message like 'press any key to boot from CD' when you restart with the CD in the drive.

Is it possible to format my main drive and then boot from cd drive - maybe rather drastic but just cant seem to get rid of this blasted freak better known as vista ultimate - 'ultimate' pain more like!

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