Reverting to XP on Acer laptop

  Quiet Life 15:26 02 Apr 2009

I have a 2 year old Acer 5634WLMI which came with Windows Media Center and also a voucher for Vista.
I obtained the Vista disc and after a while installed Vista. I now which to revert to XP.
When I received the laptop I produced 2 recovery discs. When installing Vista I lost the hidden restore partition and changed from Fat32 to NTFS with 2 partitions of 60gb.
I have read conflicting reports on what can be done and would be grateful to know if I can restore from the recovery discs alone and how I should go about it.

  woodchip 15:39 02 Apr 2009

Before you do, you need to get all the XP drivers for your Laptop model. you will also need a Full Operating System CD and Key. Run Killdisk on the Drive then Start Computer with OS CD. You need to download DOS Version click here

  tullie 15:40 02 Apr 2009

Dont think recovery disks will work,as they need the partition that youve deleted,others will advise you better.The recovery disks are for Vista anyway arent they?

  Quiet Life 16:05 02 Apr 2009

No the recovery discs are for the original Media Centre operating system and should contain the XP drivers.
The Vista disc would seem to be a stand alone disc. At the beginning I did try to instal it on another machine but received the message this is not an Acer machine.
There seems to be conflicting postings re necessity to still have the recovery partition.
I think that Acer may have changed the basis from where the recovery partition was complete to where it was only a means to prepare restore discs. This could be the reason for conflicting opinions but I do not know

  Snooki3 16:29 02 Apr 2009

I have an Acer laptop,I changed the HD and my restore disk worked it does not create the restore partion back on the HD.But the machine is just like new, hope this helps.

  iambeavis 16:53 02 Apr 2009

If you created the recovery discs correctly,the recovery partition is not needed.

  tullie 17:58 02 Apr 2009

So why have recovery disks and a partition?

  Snooki3 18:42 02 Apr 2009


Before i changed the HD you could restore form HD but now i can't.

I the manual it tell's you to make the restore disk incase you have HD problems.

  iambeavis 19:56 02 Apr 2009

"So why have recovery disks and a partition?"

With Acer you don't have recovery discs, you have a recovery partition which you use to create the recovery discs.

  woodchip 21:27 02 Apr 2009

My Medion's Have a Partition and Recovery CD Plus Full XP oem CD for it

  Quiet Life 12:16 03 Apr 2009

Thanks for the response. Is the restore disc self bootable and only needs the boot order changed or is there an.exe file that needs to be accessed?

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