reverting back to windows 98

  cableman 13:12 22 Apr 2003

I recently installed XP proffesional on my PC as an upgrade but have encountered many problems with general running of the PC I would like to revert back to WIN 98 but I removed all the temp files after installing XP. I have tried to format the hard drive but XP is preventing me from doing so, Can any one help??

  Djohn 13:21 22 Apr 2003

I've not had to try this myself yet, but I think you need to place your XP CD in the drive, and reboot, at the same time tapping the F8 key.

This will bring up the screen with several options on, and one of these is to format your drive. J.

  cream. 13:29 22 Apr 2003

Have you tried to boot up from a win 98 floppy, is this were it will not format the drive?

Could it be that when you up graded to X\P that you changed the file system from fat32 to ntfs.

If this is so then either do as Djohn suggests or fdisk the drive.

  temp003 07:01 23 Apr 2003

First back up all the files and data you need to keep.

Prepare a 98 startup floppy. If you don't have it, download it from click here

Use a brand new floppy, and do not format it in XP. If you have no new floppies and have to format in within XP, right click the A drive, select format, and tick the option Create an MS-DOS startup disk. Then put the 98 startup floppy files on to the floppy.


Right click your C drive, select Properties, and see what it says next to File System.

If it's FAT32, just use the 98 startup floppy to restart computer (select option with CD ROM support), and at the A:> prompt, type format C: and press Enter. After formatting, put in the 98 CD. At the A:> prompt, type X: and press Enter (where X is the drive letter of your CD ROM, usually either D or E). Then at the X:> prompt, type setup and press Enter, to install 98.


If the file system is NTFS as suggested by the village idiot, you can use either fdisk or XP Recovery Console.

To use fdisk, restart computer with 98 startup floppy. At the A:> prompt, type fdisk and press Enter. Say yes to large disk support. Choose the option Delete Partitions or Logical DOS drive. Then choose the option Delete Non-DOS partition (an NTFS partition is a Non-DOS partition as far as fdisk is concerned). Delete the partition shown.

After that, go back to the first screen, and choose the option Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive. Then choose Create Primary DOS Partition. Specify the size.

After you're done, exit fdisk.

Back at the A:> prompt, proceed as before to format C and then install 98.


Using fdisk to remove an NTFS partition sometimes works, sometimes does not.

To use Recovery Console, restart the computer with the XP CD, making sure that in BIOS, the CD ROM drive comes before the hard disk in the boot sequence.

At the welcome screen, press R to enter Recovery Console. Choose your XP installation (usually 1), so type 1 and press Enter. Then enter your administrator password.

You'll then get to the C:\WINDOWS> prompt. At the prompt, type:

format C: /fs:fat32

and press Enter. You'll receive a double warning. Confirm the action. After formatting is done, put in the 98 floppy. At the C:\WINDOWS> prompt, type EXIT, press Enter. The computer will reboot. Remove the XP CD immediately.

When the computer boots up with the 98 floppy (choosing CD ROM support), insert the 98 CD, and at the A:> prompt, go to the drive letter of the CD ROM, type setup, press Enter, to install 98 (no need to format this time, it's been done by XP CD).

  cream. 07:19 23 Apr 2003

Excellent instructions temp003.

  F11F7 22:34 23 Apr 2003

if you istalled xp on top of 98 as an upgrade you can just uninstall xp only

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