Reversing a Partition Magic partition merge!

  webber_man 23:21 03 Dec 2005


I seemed to have made a boo-boo!!!! I'd be grateful for some help and advice if possible please.

The Packard Bell pc used to run ME before i installed XP Home on it.

I have used Partition Magic 8 to unhide a 1.8GB partition on the C drive (that was used for recovery purposes but no longer used) and merge with the C drive. I chose to add the partition to the C drive as a folder and called it 'New'.

The system then took about 2 hours to unhide the partition and merge with the C drive - only for the pc not to reboot fully!

It starts up and then after looking like its going to do something all that appears is a flashing cursor at the top of the screen.

Is there ANY way at all i can reverse this or get XP to load or is it a case of a reinstallation?


  Chegs ®™ 01:36 04 Dec 2005

Try booting off the XP CD and using Recovery Console to FIXBOOT or FIXMBR,if this fails,then try CHKDSK /F or /R.If it still won't boot,you can always continue past the Recovery Console and chose Repair,only this deletes your XP and reinstalls JUST the Windows folder,so although you will still have all your files on your HD the Program Files shortcuts won't be there or simply wont work.You will need to collect all the Updates again(MS Update site)and reinstall the programs to get them working again.Hopefully you won't need to use the Repair option,but if you do you'll need the XP product key once Repairs done.

  webber_man 11:08 04 Dec 2005

Unfortunately i'm having problems because the Admin passowrd is not being recognised!!! So i can't even get into the Recovery Console, let alone passed it.

Also the floppys i made when installing Partition Magic aint doing much either. Looks like a new install is the only thing i can do.

Not good.

Thanks again though.

  webber_man 13:41 04 Dec 2005

Chegs, you're a life saver!!! Thanks a lot for the tips and the replies.

I got into the Recovery Console and used FIXBOOT and all was well! Well, once i went back into the bios so it booted into the HD first instead of the CDROM drive i set it on to use the disk!

Fan, dabby (and indeed) dozie!

Help very much appreciated.

  lpan 18:42 06 Dec 2005

Hi all!

I meet the same problem after merging partition with partition magic 8.0

Except I merged D and E partitions

result is a D: drive with a folder that should contain the partition merged (E:) but the folder's unaccessible and I have an unallocated partition instead that I cannot access to.

How can I recover the unallocated partition without data loss ?
Help greatly appreciated,

  Chegs ®™ 19:32 06 Dec 2005

PM8 has a Partition Recovery tool(just carn't recall howto access it)can you not use that to rebuild your damaged partition,move the data then try remerging E with D.

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