Returning Linux partition to XP

  dms05 11:47 16 Nov 2006

I have a Toshiba laptop running XP Pro and a Linux distro. I'd like to convert the whole HDD back to FAT32 for XP. It's currently part FAT32 and part one of the Linux formats.

Can I do this from the XP partition or do I need to start from the Linux side? In either case what's the procedure?

I'd have used fdisk from XP if it was supported!

  Strawballs 11:59 16 Nov 2006

When in XP does the linux partion show in my computer? if so can you right click and format it, if not right click my computer > manage > disk management if it shows in there you should be able to format it that way

  De Marcus™ 11:59 16 Nov 2006

but I think to get the partition back to fat32 you can simply right click the partition in my computer and select format with the appropriate file system showing in the drop down box.

If you want to merge that partition back into the XP partition once you've got it back to fat32 you'll need specific partitioning tools, of which I'll let others advise.

  dms05 12:06 16 Nov 2006

Strawballs - Disk Management doesn't allow format only <delete logical drive>.

The partitions (3) show up in Disk Management. 2 of those are FAT, one is Linux format.

  dms05 12:29 16 Nov 2006

I've delete the Logical Drives in the Linux area. This created one complete Partition and I then assigned a new Logical Drive to this and formatted. All is now OK, I have 2 partitions available to XP.

Many thanks.

  dms05 15:46 16 Nov 2006

After all this - when I rebooted I received an error from GRUB and I couldn't boot into anything. So I rebooted from my XP CD and entered Recovery Console. From here I ran:


and this fixed the master boot record back to XP. My laptop is now able to boot directly into XP and all signs of Linux have disappeared.

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