Return key not working on laptop -alternative key?

  Mr Scone 17:48 26 Feb 2004

My sister's laptop has developed this problem and she has asked me for help. I haven't seen the laptop yet so am not sure if there is anything I can do hardware related (any suggestions would be good), but in the mean time could anyone tell me if there is any way to change the function of another key so that in Word (when typing) she can move down to a new line?

If not, any other suggestions?

Any help would be greatfully received



  LeadingMNMs 19:06 26 Feb 2004

Not sure what Operating System it has but if XP then there is an On Screen Keyboard in Accessories > Accessibility. Although this doesn't involve changing the functions of keys it could be kept on screen and the enter key can be clicked when required.

Not a solution but an option.

  Mr Scone 19:38 26 Feb 2004

Thanks LeadingMNMs, definitely an option short term.



  daba 22:22 26 Feb 2004

I think you can use Ctrl-m.

At least I did in this post

Just to see if it works

  daba 22:24 26 Feb 2004

Hmmm. doesn't work in Word though...drat it !

  daba 22:26 26 Feb 2004

Hold down Alt key, and on the numeric keypad (not the top row) type 0013. Yuo'll probably need the function key to get the numerics, as they are embedded on the keyboard on laptops

  Mr Scone 22:49 26 Feb 2004

Thanks guys, that's certainly given me some ideas on how to cope with the problem short term. But looking at a more long term solution, any ideas? Why might this have happened and what now? Still under waranty. Back to manufacturer?


  daba 23:18 26 Feb 2004

"Why might this have happened and what now?"... If we could answer that one, nothing would ever go wrong again would it ?

If its still under warranty I certainly wouldn't recommend any other course of action than to return to supplier. You didn't mention this in your first post, but intimated you'd like to effect a hardware solution (ie. repair it). Please don't be tempted at a self-repair, as it could turn out to be costly.

It is the seller of the laptop that is legally bound to resolve the issue, not the manufacturer.

If it was bought from a shop, take it back there. But remember they don't have to automatically REPLACE offending items until a reasonable attempt at repair is made. And I would recommend being courteous but firm, its amazing what this can achieve.

  Mr Scone 11:25 29 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone for your help. I'll have to contact the manufacturer and get them to fix it.



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