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  ArrGee 17:16 14 Oct 2006

There are times when I need to Google for an image. If I see an image I require, I'll go to that site, save the image, then return to the Google search results and carry on searching.

However, some sites (particularly Wikipedia) do not allow me to go back to the Google results when I hit the back button, and just keeps me stuck at the site.

Sometimes I can get back if I hit the back button several times quickly, but not with others.

Any clues as to how I can get back from any site to the Google results?

  fitshase 17:32 14 Oct 2006

Go to Google preferences and select "Open search results in a new browser window."

This is what I have it set to. Means that when you click on a link it opens the results in a new window. Once you are finished, simply close the page and you still have Google there.

Even better, use firefox and the new search results open in a tab instead of a new window.

  ArrGee 18:02 14 Oct 2006

Thanks peeps. Problem solved.

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