Retrieving pictures after upgrade to Windows 8

  renard 23:15 11 Mar 2013

I hope this will make sense!

My daughter has contacted me in tears from her house tonight. She recently upgraded her PC from Vista to Windows 8. I had advised her to back up anything important before doing this and so she got a friend to copy My Pictures onto a memory stick.

Now she finds that many years of family pictures are not on the stick, hence her tears. She tells me (this is the bit I don't understand) that "when I copied pictures from my camera the computer used to store them in all sorts of places, not just in My Pictures." She can't tell me what these other places are . . .

This may be a forlorn hope, but please can anyone advise me / her what to do to recover these pix? Will they have been lost for ever during the change to W8?

(Yes, I did advise her years ago to routinely back up her pix etc, even got her an Iomega HDD for the purpose. Now she admits "I soon mislaid it and didn't like to tell you . . . ")

  BRYNIT 08:39 12 Mar 2013

If win8 does the same as win7 unless the HD was formatted before Win8 was installed you may find a folder called Windows.old which I think contained files from the old OS.

  alanrwood 10:40 12 Mar 2013

May be way off beam here but why not try a simple search for .jpg files in Windows Explorer. Search the whole computer. If they are still there then this should find where they are. If any were stored on the C drive and it was formatted in the upgrade process to Win 8 then I'm afraid they are gone for good as the install is likely to have overwritten the sectors originally used to store the pictures. Not sure how the Win 8 update actually works so I may be totally wrong here but what I suggest can do no harm to try.

Sounds like an warning that the pictures would be best all stored in the Pictures folder and it should best be located on either a different partition or a different drive.

  lotvic 12:17 12 Mar 2013

If she used the camera's software - hooked camera directly up to pc - the pictures were probably stored by default in the Camera's software folder. That folder may or may not be in Windows.old depending on how the upgrade was done.

Can anyone remember (I forget just for the minute) the name of the program to download to search and recover all picture files from hard drives etc even if it has been formatted etc.

  lotvic 12:30 12 Mar 2013

I think I found it, 'Recuva Portable'

I also suggest that the memory stick that she thinks the pics should have been on be left untouched as well. It could be that they are actually on there but W8 can't see them (reasons still to be determined) she should keep that safe until you get your hands on it so you can have a look at it.

Hopefully none of this is needed if the Windows.old is there.

  renard 23:42 12 Mar 2013

Very many thanks for the helpful advice.

I have just looked at reviews of that Recuva download and it looks very promising. I will give it a try when I visit my daughter.

Stupid newbie question: In Windows 8, how do I "search for .jpeg files in Windows Explorer", as suggested by alanrwood? I can't even find Windows Explorer!

Thanks again, everyone.

  alanrwood 10:21 13 Mar 2013

Sorry can't help there. I'm still running Win7. Win Explorer or an equivalent must be there as without it there would be no way to organise or work with the file organisation on the hard drive. There must be a search facility there somewhere. I will turn this one over to those with Win8 knowledge.

  rdave13 11:59 13 Mar 2013

There is another powerful photo retrieval program. I forget the name, originally posted by Woodchip years ago. Hopefully someone here can post the link for it. You will need to create a destination folder on another hard drive for it. Start with "C" I think. It picks up just about all images.

  rdave13 12:25 13 Mar 2013

Just remembered, it's called CampicRestore. There are two links in this thread for different recovery programs and the link from Nontek's post is the one for Campic, click here.

  lotvic 21:22 13 Mar 2013

To see the file structure, Windows Explorer in W8, it's easier if you click on the tile for Desktop mode, then it behaves more like W7 (I'm told)

  Woolwell 15:34 14 Mar 2013

It does behave like W7.

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