Retrieving lost video files

  SpiralStaircase 15:07 27 Aug 2011

Hi there,

I really hope someone can help me with this.

2 days ago I downloaded some video footage to my Dell Inspiron 6400 from a hand-held video camera. In Windows Live Photo Gallery, before the files were downloaded, I gave each set of clips a title based on the date they were taken and the clips could be found in "my pictures" in separate folders named after the date.

Today I did the same procedure using a different camera. Again, before downloading I named each batch according to the date they were taken.

When I then looked for these photos in "my pictures" I could only find folders for the ones I had downloaded today and not the ones from 2 days ago.

I was wondering if because I named today's pictures the same as the one's from 2 days ago (i.e. 25th August 2011), the new folder created for these has over-written the previous folder of the same name? (At no point did I get a message telling me that a folder already exists of that name, which I sometimes get when saving files on my laptop.)

Is that possible and if so is there any way I can retrieve the old video files?

The video clips were/are of my daughter's first birthday so I'm desperate to get them back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  john bunyan 15:24 27 Aug 2011

Why did you name the new files the same? This may be worth a read:

  john bunyan 15:25 27 Aug 2011

Sorry try this:

  john bunyan 15:27 27 Aug 2011

If link doesnt work Google "recovering overwritten files" and you will see link.

  eedcam 15:35 27 Aug 2011

presume you have tried a Search that will show whether they are still about or not

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