SINDASOX 15:02 29 Dec 2005

I know there is software available to retrieve deleted images off my XD card, but my question is can images be retrieved from an XD card if i have deleted them off my card and then put more images onto the card.....?????

Thank You

  bremner 15:07 29 Dec 2005

If the old deleted pictures have been overwritten then they are not recoverable.

Best case scenario is if you have a 128MB card and delete the images and then write another 50MB of images you may be able to recover the remaining 78MB of deleted images.

  jack 15:12 29 Dec 2005

The answer is Yes-ish
A card like a Hardrive does not clear -it simply loses the place- Thus images deleted are still there untill over written. so a recvoery program will bring up- what is there - part images included.
PC Inspector from click here

BadCopyPro from click here

Bad copy is very powerful and good for all sorts of media, costs £15 to get the full version.

  SINDASOX 15:20 29 Dec 2005

Jack, them links are not the right ones mate...???

  anchor 15:25 29 Dec 2005

If they have been overwritten, there is no hope. It depends on how many of the old ones have been.

There are a few programmes around that have trial versions; this is one:

click here

How to do it:

click here

click on tutorial.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:28 29 Dec 2005

Smart recovery click here
zero assumption click here
both good for media cards

  anchor 15:31 29 Dec 2005

The PC Inspector Smart recovery is another, but their site seems to be down at the moment.

click here

  jack 17:27 29 Dec 2005

Try this for bad copy

click here

PCInspector from Covar see Anchors post

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