Retrieving data from non bootable hard drive

  23790954 14:11 13 Jan 2009

Hello there again,

I have read most of previous posts on this situation, but due to the severity of the need, I would like help with the problem.
I service, repair etc the computer my daughter-in-law uses for her hair salon. This morning it was discovered that the system would not boot up.
examination of the system revealed that the hard drive was at fault, as it works fine with other hard drives. The faulty hard drive, when booted, goes through the normal boot up procedure,but as soon as the Windows XP logo appeares on the screen, the system just goes into reboot, and starts up again.
I have tried all the usual fixes, e.g. safe mode etc. but before getting into safe mode, the system just freezes. I have now tried to connect the hard drive, to my system, which is exactly the same system, using the faulty hard drive as a second drive, but my system just freezes also, when the faulty hard drive is attached, as a second drive.
Can anyone suggest a way of retrieving all the data from the faulty hard drive, onto a new hard drive. Many thanks for all help given.

  MAJ 14:23 13 Jan 2009

A repair of the operating system might help, if ou have the original XP CD. Alternatively you could buy a hard drive enclosure, install the hard drive in that and connect it to your PC via USB and extract your important files that way. click here

  Pamy 14:39 13 Jan 2009

You did change the jumper on your daughter-in-law's drive to SLAVE didn't you?

  MAJ 15:03 13 Jan 2009

If your's is a SATA drive, 23790954, you'll probably want a combo hard drive enclosure, the one I linked to above is for an IDE drive. click here

  23790954 15:07 13 Jan 2009

Thanks for your advice MAJ and Pamy. I will try the XP disc recovery.
Incidentally Pamy, I should have said, the hard drive system is SATA11. Thanks anyway.

  23790954 16:42 13 Jan 2009

I have tried the recovery sytem using the original Wind XP installation disc, but when attempting to put the disc through the various checks, it actually states that 'as the drive has one or more errors' the recovery system will not work.
If there was any way of using the drive as an extra drive to my system, I could then transfer the necessary files to my good drive, but each time I connect it to my system, my good drive freezes, obviously due to the corrupt file on the boot up of the faulty drive.
Thsnks for your help.

  Pamy 10:25 14 Jan 2009

suggest that you go to the HDD makers site and download their diagnostic software. Then install drive and chech it out, there may bad sectors that can be moved.

  23790954 14:07 14 Jan 2009

Thanks for everyones help. Finally resolved the problem. I used the recovery console, with the original Windows XP disc, and although it did NOT work for several hours of trying, at about 10.30pm
last night, when I was about to give up on it, when booting up again, the drive booted into the system, although VERY noisely. Then transferred all data via Acronis True Image, to another drive.
Many thanks again.

  MAJ 14:13 14 Jan 2009

....... I missed your Tue, 13/01/[email protected]:42 post, but I'm glad you got the problem sorted.

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