Retrieving data with Easy IDE... 11:16 30 Apr 2006

My PC packed up and had to be replaced. I had replaced the MB a couple of years ago and it's age makes it not worth doing again.

I don't want to cancel out my new machine's guarantee by putting the old hard drive into it to retrieve a bit of lost data, but came across this in this months issue of PCA.

Could I just take out the old HD and retrieve the files using it? Has anyone else tried it? It just looks too good to be true!

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  Longhouse 11:22 30 Apr 2006

Looks like a "bare" HDD enclosure. It should provide the functionality of an external enclosure without the case.

Just hook up the drive to the host USB port. 11:29 30 Apr 2006

I am always a bit wary of buying gadgets. I just wondered why so many people have trouble getting data from one machine to another when it is supposedly as easy as this.

For the sake of £20 I may send off for it, otherwise I was wondering if I could take the drive to a store and have it transferred to DVD. I don't need the OS or applications, just a few recent photos from it.

  Longhouse 11:53 30 Apr 2006

Similar device but a little cheaper. Alternatively, you could consider a full HHD external enclosure for not much more - see the same supplier or others.

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I suspect a store would charge a little more than £20 to do a transfer / data recovery - and once you have the hardware, you can help other friends out! 12:33 30 Apr 2006

half the price for the same thing. I'll send off for one and give it a try. 13:27 30 Apr 2006

the first one is twice the price. It is the same gadget but doesn't seem to have the power supply included as the first one does.

It's got to be essential if the old PC is dead. Looks like I'll have to go for that one unless anyone knows different.

  Longhouse 18:33 30 Apr 2006

Not sure if you need the external power supply, usually referred to as "optional" with most external enclosures. Power supply comes through USB connetor.

I use external enclosure for a 2.5" laptop HDD without the need for external power. Laptop HDD (and internal drives) operate on 5V DC. My laptop drive appears to be 5V 1A rated, and runs fine off 1 x USB port (which I have to say does strike me as a little odd as I thougth that USB ports were rated at 500mA).

2 spare 3.5" HDD I have in my desk drawer are differently rated at 5V 500mA and 5V 1.5A.

If the second is half the price, it might be worth the chance as variable voltage power supplies can be had from a number of outlets e.g Maplins for around £10 to £15

  Hertz Van Rentyl 18:49 30 Apr 2006

If you look at the spec it includes a power adapter and also costs £7 carriage making it £17.50 19:09 30 Apr 2006

I can't get the spec to show. The bottom panel stays blank no matter what tab I click on.

I have ordered from my first link anyway, I'll let you know if it's any good when it arrives.

Thanks for your help, Whiz.... 00:06 04 May 2006

any interested parties know. It arrived by post today, and the only thing I have to say about it is:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!! All my lovely lost data is back. Great little gadget (even though I hope I never have to use it again). £20 well spent.

Thanks PCA for publishing it in the mag.

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