Retrieving data from broken USB drive

  Hornblower 18:54 24 Mar 2009


My wife has an awful lot of data on a USB thumb drive that a colleague broke today and is desperate to retrieve it - she's a teacher and there's 2 months work on it since her last backup.

Does anyone have any info that'll help please? At this point in time, I don't know what the damage is but do know that the colleague broke it off whilst trying to get it in/out of her laptop.

She's close to tearing her hair out in frustration and I'd love to be able to let her know how to get her data back.

Thanks in advance.

  timd1978 19:04 24 Mar 2009

The only thing I could do was to go to PC world to see if they could retrieve mine when it crashed. They couldn't but they do have the gadgets to try it though. It isn't cheap. After that though, back up the stuff on the hard drive as well just encase.

  [email protected] 19:55 24 Mar 2009

I had a trauma a while back, and tried this:
click here
Download the trial version and see if it works for you.
It worked so well for me I bought the full version.
Good luck.

  Hornblower 13:09 25 Mar 2009

Turns out that the 'plug' was completely separated from the memory end, so rendering it unusable.

This means that it has to be 'micro-soldered' to retrieve the data.

She's presented the bits to her IT department this morning and one of them who has experience (and the kit) to be able to do this without frying the circuit board says that he can do it.

Rather him than me if he totals it so that NOBODY has a chance of retrieval!!!

Thanks for the replies timd1978 and [email protected]

  wiz-king 13:16 25 Mar 2009

I have re-soldered the plug to the circuit board on several USB memory sticks, it is not a dificult job with a fine tipped soldering iron.

  Hornblower 08:41 18 Apr 2009

Thanks wiz-king, that's exactly what my wife's knight in shining armour did!

He presented her with the drive that now resembles a rather long-legged spider with a huge memory...

He also burned all the data to DVD and has since drunk his 4 large bottles of Belgian beer.

End of...

  Technotiger 09:15 18 Apr 2009

Hi, please give this thread the Green-tick Resolved.

I have just read all the way through for nothing!!

But I'm glad your problem had a happy ending.

Thankyou .... TT

  Hornblower 20:35 23 Apr 2009

Green tick ticked in the box for placing ticks.

Now I feel ticked off - but I'll live.

Thank you to all those that felt like telling me off but resisted.

And a big sorry to TT who wasted a minute of his life - it won't happen again I promise.

  Hornblower 20:36 23 Apr 2009

(Hope he didn't read all through it again just to check I did it!)

  Diemmess 10:32 24 Apr 2009

I like tales like that!
It's a fascinating challenge still to be able to restore delicate gadgets seemingly beyond repair.

Always worth a try as an alternative to the bin.
The glow of satisfaction when it works.
When it doesn't....... well, you find out who your friends really are.

  Technotiger 06:45 26 Apr 2009

Hi Hornblower - now who's having a Senior moment? Green ticked shows up to prevent me reading all through it again .... He He :-)

Anyway, at my age, a minute is quite a chunk out of my life :-)

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