Retrieving data from 160 MB IDE hard disk drives

  jeano 23:09 08 Jul 2007

My PC (XP Pro) has "died" again and am fed up with sending it back to suppliers - constant trouble for four years now.
I have ordered a new PC (windows XP Professional) but the old machine has 2 160 Mb disks 1 of which has OS and data in the form of Pictures and a 2nd slave which has data in the form of music. Is there a way to retrieve this data? I also have a 300 Gb external hard drive USB which I use to copy important data to.

I'm not a hardware expert but have been looking at USB 2 "disk caddies" - is it an option to install one of these with one of the disk drives out of my old machine and retrieve the data. Any other suggestions would also be welcome.

  HCOOH 23:11 08 Jul 2007

Thats as good a way as any. Do a nice one at Maplins in shiny blue.

  skidzy 23:12 08 Jul 2007

That will be no problem Jeano.

Preferably get a mains powered caddy or if usb look for the caddies with 2 connectors,this will provide extra power if needed.

Are the drives ide or sata ? you will need the correct caddy.

  woodchip 23:13 08 Jul 2007

Fit the drive in a external USB caddy, the Drive jumper as to be set to MASTER for windows to see it

  HCOOH 23:14 08 Jul 2007

Once retrieved you will have an external backup drive for your Acronis or whatever backups after a reformat.

  jeano 00:20 09 Jul 2007

Thanks for reassurances re disk caddies. I've looked at some on internet but they all seem to refer to 2.5 inch drives. My drives are internal hard disks (IDE) from a desk top machine and the pictures seem to be of very slim devices. What description should I look for?

Woodchip says "Drive jumper as to be set to MASTER" - please elaborate where and how.

I'd like to be confident that I'm doing the right thing before trying to buy one of these things.

  skidzy 00:33 09 Jul 2007

Take your pick click here

The 2.5 is a laptop drive caddy,the 3.5 is a desktop caddy.

  Taff™ 06:22 09 Jul 2007

click here For a cheap 3.5" IDE drive with power supply. It is simple enough to swap the drives over. Full instructions are supplied if I remember correctly. (I have two)

The jumpers woodchip refers to are on the existing drives and will be clearly marked on the cases with a diagram. Yousimply move the small plastic jumper to the correct position.

I would simply put at least one of your drives into the new machine as a slave and copy the rest of the data via your existing external drive.

  pj123 12:17 09 Jul 2007

Or this is the one I use (4th one down). It accepts anything IDE.

click here

  jeano 00:31 10 Jul 2007

Thanks for all the help folks. You make it all sound so simple. I'll wait for my new PC to arrive and then choose a caddy. My new machine will have 1500 GB SATA drive (plus 3 yr warranty) so I'm not going to change anything internally - but once I've retrieved the data I can use the disks for copying (backing up) data files from my son's laptop (yet to be purchased)

I'll close this thread now.

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