Retrieve hidden files WD250GB USB external hdd

  mik61ish 22:39 21 Oct 2012

Retrieve hidden files WD250GB USB external hdd

I have been trying to free up my 500 GB Hardrive on my laptop Windows 7 to a WD 250GB usb hdd and I was also writing to an SD card well its ended up with only the SD card showing with files that were supposed to be on there only, now I can't access the main files that was trying to back up. Is there any easy way to retrieve these files as I have a lot of video's that I don't want to loose
Here is what I have when I look in Control Panel Administrative Tools Computer Management Disk Management =
Disk 1 Basic 232.88 Online
E: 75 MB FAT 32 (Healthy Active Primary Partition)
244 MB Healthy (Primary Partition)
3.32 GB Healthy (Primary Partition)
229.25 GB Unallocated Which is where all the files that I want and can't access.
  lotvic 23:53 21 Oct 2012

"229.25 GB Unallocated Which is where all the files that I want and can't access"

Err... if that's Unallocated you can't have been copying anything to it as it would not have been shown as a choice (it has no Drive letter)

Maybe it was a Partition with a Drive Letter and you have deleted the partition?

Can you detail exactly what you did when trying to free up your 500 GB Hardrive on laptop Windows 7 so that we can help.

  mik61ish 00:59 22 Oct 2012

I was copying video files from my laptop 500gb hdd to the WD 250gb and at the same time I wrote a linux distro to a 4gb sd card so whats happened when I plug the 250gb drive its now recognized as the 4gb sd card and won't show the hidden files unless I view them in control panel admin tools etc

  lotvic 11:58 22 Oct 2012

I have not had to do this so please wait for others to comment before you do anything.

To put the harddrive back to how it was you could try Free Partition Recovery Software - EaseUS® Partition Recovery 5.0.1

But perhaps it would be better first to try to recover any files on there EaseUS® Data Recovery Wizard® Free

Others may recommend different free programs to use, I have found EaseUS free software to be good and the screenshot tutorials on website are helpful.

  lotvic 12:05 22 Oct 2012

I am presuming that you chose to move and not copy, meaning that the films are no longer on your C: drive and you are hoping they were put on the Ext Drive before the Linux reconfigured the drive and 'made it appear as a 4gb sd card'

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 22 Oct 2012

omputer - tools - folder options - view tab -click show hidden files.

do they show in windows now?

if not use the linux distro to find the drive and files and move thm to one of the windows seen partition then format the unallocated drive in windows and move the files back.

  lotvic 14:32 22 Oct 2012

Ah, yes the linux distro as per Fruit Bat /\0/. (I can't be of use there as don't know)

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