Retrieve data from old HD -own profile denied access

  claluc 20:46 01 Jun 2011

I have unfortunately had a problem with HD on XP SP3 PC, Lsass.exe application error at bootup...not possible to correct, repair, tried everything suggested on forum(s) but doesn't want to know, anyway, this is not the main problem. As a matter of caution I had a second dormant HD with XP installed and backed up from main HD except that the last 3 months are missing + all outlook files, mail etc. Connected sick drive as external through an enclosure, have managed to open shared documents and retrieve lots of files own ones! I am computer administrator and another 2 users have limited status, I can see and have retrieved their files and all shared ones but when I try to acces folder My Documents which is where all my files are stored it tells me "access denied folder is not accessible" have tried making one of the limited users an admin and logged is as and tried again but result is the same. I have looked around for hints on how to take ownership of the folder but the results i got from the web do not seem to be applicable to my case, maybe they are for win7 or who knows.... I would really appreciate some help, there are lots of personal files in there that I do absolutely need. Thanks in advance to all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 01 Jun 2011

Access Files If you get Access Denied in WinXP Pro. Try “taking ownership” of the file/folder before it can be accessed. First of all go to Folder Options, View Tab and in the Advanced Settings at the end, untick “Use simple file sharing”, which will allow the Security Tab to be shown in the file’s properties. Also, in Folder options, make sure hidden and system files can be viewed. To take ownership of the file (it’s best done at the folder level), right-click it, Properties, Security Tab, add your user name, fill in all the permissions and Apply. You can now access it. MS KB

Access Files XP Home Simple file sharing is enabled by default in XP Home Note You must be logged on to the computer with an account that has administrative credentials. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab. or read here or See here and click on the link at part one and download the required program. Follow the instructions and the security tab will be enabled. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OR YOU COULD DENY ACCESS TO ALL YOUR FILES.

  claluc 21:32 03 Jun 2011

Thanks to both. Fruitbat, sorry I may be a bit thick but could you please explain? Part 1 of your post seems to imply that I can do this through the safe mode procedure, tried it, nothing changed, still can't take ownership of folders. Part 2 implies downloading Windows security configurato, fine but where do I download it from? On both links supplied I can't see any direct download icon, lots of commercials, lots of explaining but no download link? Please remember that whilst I am pretty good at certain aspects of IT I am a little behind on others, so I think I need a sort of step by step guidance in order to do it properly but first step would be a link where the download button for Security Configurator is clearly visible. Hope to hear from you soon

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:35 03 Jun 2011

XP Home or Pro?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:40 03 Jun 2011 here

Clock here to downlod the security extension (it is in zip format)

  claluc 21:29 07 Jun 2011

Hi Fruit Bat and thank you. Firstly it is Win XP Home SP3, second I have finally managed to download SCM Tool as per your instructions in post of June 1st but....when I try to do this....3.Go to the folder where the SCESP4I.exe contents are extracted, locate the Setup.inf (Setup Information) file. 4.Right click on Setup.inf and select Install. Well, Setup.inf is only a readme that opens with Notepad, there is nothing executable in there.. Also re your last post: Clock here to downlod the security extension (it is in zip format) I can not see any download link in there, can you please point me to the right place where this download link is? Thanks again. CL

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 08 Jun 2011

Right click on Setup.inf and select Install

do not try to open with a left click

The link is in Blue direct link CLick Here

  claluc 12:53 09 Jun 2011

I think I might have found a way around the problem.....I have just realised that a second pc in the household has in fact Win XP Professional installed on it....if I connect the drive via usb(as it is in external enclosure) I should have access to the security settings on that machine and alter permissions in the folders involved so i can take ownership and copy the files out......will do and let you know.

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