Retreiving files from an old hardrive

  roymacs 19:29 21 Jan 2008

I have a PC which I haven't used for about 2 years. I would like to retreive some files from the hardrive but can't open the computer.
I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to PC's but can anyone advise if I can take out the old hardrive and open either within my relatively new PC running XP or do I need an external hardrive as someone once told me.Any help appreciated.

  wee eddie 19:45 21 Jan 2008

Do you mean?

It is impossible or that you are worried about the task as you have never done anything like that before.

If it is the second: Visit YouTube and use the Search Box. Perhaps enter "Open a PC" or some thing similar. such a request frequently provides several "How to" Clips. You may have to phrase the question in several different ways before you come up with the ultimate solution.

  jack 09:02 22 Jan 2008

Define what you mean by 'Cant open Computer.
Do you mean cannot 'start it'
Do you physically open the case to remove the drive.
more detail will be most useful

  hddwm 10:17 22 Jan 2008

Hello Roymacs
is your old pc still working?
If it is and you dont want to open the actual casing, an easy option would be to copy the files on to a usb flash drive and transfer them to your new machine.Provided the files aren't huge.You can pick up a 4gb drive for less than £12 these days.A useful piece of kit for transfering data.
hope this helps.

  roymacs 21:04 22 Jan 2008

Thanks for the response and sorry for not making my self clear. I can't start the computer up because the start up file, or what ever its called, has been deleted. I can get inside the computer box no problem.

  laurie53 22:07 22 Jan 2008

Do you not have a recovery disc or any other sort of boot disc?

  wee eddie 11:25 23 Jan 2008

and install it in an Enclosure, then you can view it's content through USB as an External Hard Drive.

  laurie53 09:06 24 Jan 2008

"Do you not have a recovery disc or any other sort of boot disc?"

For the reference of other helpers, private reply - "No, it's gone walkabout somewhere"

roymacs - it's a good idea to put forum replies on the forum itself so that everybody knows what's already been tried.

  paul€ 09:35 24 Jan 2008

To take out the old hard drive

with the computer switched off :-)

undo the 2 screws at either side of the hard drive

ease out the power and wide IDE ribbon cable from the rear of the drive.

pull out the hard drive.

then pop the hard drive in an here and connect that to a usb slot. Move files over.

You could then put the hard drive back into the computer and try and fix windows.

  wee eddie 11:37 24 Jan 2008

an External Hard Drive Case, that allows you to put your old Drive in it, and works through your USB Socket.

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