results memetest86 and driverIRQL not less or equa

  hatrickj 11:11 24 Jun 2004

As suggested in a much earlier thread I have run memtest86 and got these results
Error # Cycle % covered
1 7 15
2 9 20
3 17 37
4 28 61
The system then crashed Driver IRQL not less or equal with info
STOP 0x000000D1 (0x80000028 0x00000002 0x00000000 0xF89DB739)
usbohc1,sys Address F89DB739 base at F89DA000 Date stamp 3d6ddc30

A second run of memtest did not result in a crash but these are those details.
Error# Cycle % covered
1/2/3/45/6 11 24
7/8 13 28
9 14 31
10 16 35
11 17 37
12 19 42
13 23 50
14/15 26 57
18/19 29 63
20 31 68
21 34 74
22 36 79
23/34 37 81
29/30 40 87
31 41 90
32 42 92

I am using Atllon xp2400 with 512MB DD SDRAM and the computer is new.
Before I get on to manufacturer I would appreciate any help or observations about the above facts. And why do the errors show at diffrent locations? How serious are they? etc

  hatrickj 11:20 24 Jun 2004

Can any one tell me how to maintain tabs as trhe tansfer from word to pca seems to have lost them all! All the results should be read in blocks of 3 (blocks of errors at dame cycle location separated by /s) in order Error#, Cycle, % covered.

I have all drivers updated from windows update.
Sorry for any confusions.

  Allan-263226 11:45 24 Jun 2004

download cpu-z and install it. Tell me what settings you have on the first tab, then click memory tab and tell me the memory timings...

  hatrickj 13:55 24 Jun 2004

I hope I've got your instructions right
Clocks 1997MHz, Multiplier x15.0, FSB 133MHz, Bus speed 2663MHz, Cache L1 data 64KBytes,
L1 code 64KBytes, Level2 256KBytes

Memory Tab
Frequency 166.4MHz, FSB-DRAM 4.5,
Cas# Letency 2.5 clocks,
RAS# to Cas Delay 3 clocks,
RAS# to Precharge 3 clocks,
Cycle time (tias0 7 clocks.

  €dstowe 14:11 24 Jun 2004

Don't take this as gospel but I understand that an IRQL error (as different from an IRQ error) indicates a graphics card fault.

  hatrickj 20:44 24 Jun 2004

RE Memtest86< I've seen recommendations to run it overnight to get more cycles and thus a more complete picture but every time an error is found you have to clear the dialog box reporting it to continue the scan. There's nothing in instructions or DAQs either. In addition to my original posts does anyone know how to get round ptoblem?

  hatrickj 06:39 25 Jun 2004


  hatrickj 17:36 29 Jun 2004

Quite accidentally founf that XP contains a diagnotic tool to check RAM condition. Well tucked away unless you know where to look or are fortunate!!!! It found that the chips were full of faults so mchine has gone back for thorough check over etc with warning of potential rejection the various cosumer and credit statutes if not aok.

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