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  xperian 15:26 01 Jan 2009

I have been in other forums but they dont really help me or reply to me and u are my last help!!

I have put bebo and another website on restricted but i would like to remove them but when i go into the list i am unable to track down the right one website or so on due to ip address showing up.

I thought it would block the website so that it doesnt come up but its only for putting my username and password which i dont have really. how can i block a website when i look into it? or remove the actual website restricted! there are few ip address or junk website in which i dont know where they are from.

when i go in security tab for internet - the 'sites' button wont let me click on

However i didnt recognised those sites I am using Internet exploerer 6

In the restricted sites - there are loads of website for example, *, and so on .. I have enter those in google but page doesnt display.

When I remove them - they come back .. now i got abt ten of them that i am unable to remove.

I put restricted on bebo and another website.

I add them from tool - internet option - security - restricted.

Someone told me to use IE7 but that doesnt work either. so gone back to ie6 cos it went bit funny there - also i couldnt download a file so i had to use restore point to go back 2 days ago and its fine now

however i like to ask I managed to remove all the sites from restricted as none of them existed when i search them in google, but there are ten names that i am unable to remove them .. when i remove - it come back - for some reason the website that i wanted to remove is back to normal

Would like to ask something as its puzzling me - why did i get restore point from 16th November onward - I didnt think I had set it on for restore point every day?? Why not before that?

  provider 2 16:26 01 Jan 2009

It`s not easy to answer all of your questions in one response. However, it looks as if you have an infection (malware of some sort) and you should be using IE 7 because it`s much more secure than IE 6.

Try this:
1. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Make sure you get the FREE version. Hit the update button, than run it, preferably in Safe Mode.

click here

Then have it remove all that it finds. If everything is clear now, install IE 7 and come back and tell us what`s happening. (It could be that you will have to try something else if MBAM doesn`t clear the infection completely.)

  provider 2 16:45 01 Jan 2009

Safe Mode tutorial:

click here

  Sea Urchin 16:53 01 Jan 2009

"when i go in security tab for Internet - the 'sites' button wont let me click on"

When you go to the Security tab are you first clicking Restricted Sites? Then you should be able to click on the 'sites' button. Scroll down the list to bebo (or maybe click here) and highlight it then click Remove.

  Sea Urchin 16:54 01 Jan 2009

Sorry -that click here should read www . bebo

  xperian 20:27 01 Jan 2009

sea urchin

this is what i done but there wasnt any name of bebo or another website so there was lots of names that i never recognised so i remove all but couple was left behind .. and came back when i remove them.

Provider 2 - thank u for the ideas i will do it in abit and i will let u know how i get on with it .. i test it out but couldnt do it all so i had to stop cos something happen but notice i got a trojan in it .. i will let u know how i get on but hoping it will be ok!

  xperian 22:18 01 Jan 2009

I downloaded malwarebytes - i had 98 object infected which were broken:opencom,,trojan.agent, adaware.starware

I have install Internet explorer 7 but still doesnt remove the restricted sites which are
click here
click here

  xperian 23:00 01 Jan 2009

sorry another thing - totally not relevant to this

the webpage move itself without me scrolling down .. how to i get rid of it ?? since i installed IE7

  lotvic 23:38 01 Jan 2009

"webpage move itself without me scrolling down"

you may have accidentally clicked the wheel scroll button on your mouse, if so click the wheel again to switch off the auto scrolling.

  provider 2 13:21 02 Jan 2009


I`m a bit concerned that you didn`t say whether or not you had run MBAM in Safe Mode. This is very important because it will allow MBAM to access files that are not in use and do a better job of clearing out the problems.

This will explain perhaps a bit more clearly than I can: click here

The other thing is that when you run MBAM, you should use the second option ... "Perform a full scan". It may take anything up to a couple of hours depending on how much stuff is on your computer, but that`s quite normal.

Try that and come back and tell us how you get on. (If there are still problems you may have to go to the Malware Removal Forum for some guided help. Also, we`ll have to get you some much more effective security progs than the ones you have been using.)

  provider 2 13:32 02 Jan 2009

Sorry, forgot to mention Restricted Sites in IE.

Generally-speaking this is best left well alone. Ms has put them in the list in order to help users avoid trouble in the form of viruses, spyware, worms, keyloggers, trojans ... goodness knows what all and this list of infected websites is by no means complete.

This is why you must have effective anti-virus and anti-malware installed and running. More of that later, though.

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