Restricted Hdd capacity

  winstonian 12:45 10 Mar 2003

Although I have a 40029Mb Maxtor Hddwhen I check the capacity it shows it at just 2.1Gb. I have Fat32 selected but have ms.doss 6.22, How can I get to use my full capacity. My O.S is
Windows 98 S.E.

  powerless 12:48 10 Mar 2003

Run scandisk in "Thorough" mode.

When you formatted the drive did you enable large disc support in FDISK. If you used FDISK that is.

  Cantillion 12:50 10 Mar 2003

Sounds like your harddrive is partioned - the space beyond 2.1GB is probably unpartitioned space. Is this a new drive?

The only *non-destructive* programme I know of to allocate this unpartitioned space is Partition Magic. I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction of a freeware utility (I beleive using Fdsik would erase all data)

  davidg_richmond 13:13 10 Mar 2003

have you just upgraded your hard disk? you may find that your BIOS is not set up to support a larger hard disk than the one you had previously, but this usually still gives you about 8-10Gb not 2.1Gb. you can upgrade you BIOS ('flashing') by downloading an update from the motherboard manufacturers site, and follow the instructions CAREFULLY as there are risks attached. best find out if this is the problem first before you try it.

what was the size of your old HDD?

  winstonian 10:38 11 Mar 2003

thank you "powerless I will try running scandisk
in thorough mode, originally I selected auto in the cmos set up. I have tried selecting large but the p.c would not respond ie. no system disc.
Ithen selected LBA althoug pc works ok. capacity available the same.
Thank you Cantillion .This is a self build and have been up and running for sometime although getting the pc booted up when first built I fitted a new drive(this one) the old one was a 30.7Gb I think I will try partition Magic.

Thankyou David-richmond
The old hdd size was 30.7GB.
I will try "Abit to see if there is "flash up date .I will treat this query as cleared, for now.

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