restricted to 8 numbers only?

  sikefula 20:32 22 Apr 2006

My online banking ID requires me to input 10 numbers/digits for logging in.This has worked well so far (for the past 3 years actually).Suddenly,I can no longer enter the full 10 digits as i am restricted to 8 digits only so I cannot succesfully log on.

I have run both Windows defender and Spybot Search and Destroy for spywares.I have done a system restore back to a point when all was well. All this to no avail-am still restricted by my PC to 8 digits and not beyond. This only applies to my online banking logging in,in any other windows application,the digits aren never restricted.

Any ideas what have happened here,folks?The other Pc on the network is doing fine.



  surfer girl 20:35 22 Apr 2006

Have you contacted the bank to see if it's a tecnical hitch?

  GaT7 20:36 22 Apr 2006

The first 2 numbers may already be there, so just try the last 8 digits. G

  Genius1 20:43 22 Apr 2006

Similarly, the last two numbers may also be there already.

  sikefula 20:58 22 Apr 2006

Solved! Thanks all-it was after me having changed the security settings to "do not save encrypted pages/numbers to disk",that the prompt for the logging in digits were required each time I was logging in. Having saved them rather too 'carefully' the same digits-you know by not making it too obvious to anybody except me,I fell for the trap myself.I had swapped and saved the two sets of digits with the vice-versed IDs.So I was basically entering the 10 digits figures where there should be 8 and vice-versa.After realising my rather embarrasing mistake and corrected it,ALL IS WELL now.

Thanks for the very quick responces,thats what makes this forum great.


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