Restrict Web Access according to time

  Rabi 14:32 23 Nov 2003

I am looking for a (Shareware or free, preferably) programme that will allow me to restrict one of my PC's running Windows 98 Second Edition from accessing the internet outside pre-defined times. I have a Windows 2000 Server at home, running 5 PC's, 3 of which are running Windows XP Pro, and the server running Windows 2000. We have a broadband DSL connection, and we would like to restrict our child's access to the internet to only certain hours of the day for study reasons. We don't want to restrict access to the PC, because it is shared by other siblings for homework, but we would very much like to be able to restrict access to say, from 3pm to 8pm (bedtime...).
How do we do this?

  powerless 01:00 24 Nov 2003

I know how to restrict access from using the computer between times, but not just the internet alone.

Anyway BUMP!

  tbh72 01:19 24 Nov 2003

It's an absolute longshot, but might be worthy of your investigation.

I can't tell you exactly how to do it, but I will walk you through the steps & if it seem's unreasonable there are more than enough members here to point it out.

1st, remove all shortcut's & available options for connecting to the internet. Ensure that you leave 1 form of the connection which could be placed in an abscure location.

2nd, Utilise task scheduler to call upon the internet connection at a given time.

The above process if successful may require a small amount of user input eg password etc....

It's one option that should feasably work, but will probably require a small amount of tickering with?

I would certainly be interested to hear other's people views on the matter.


  beeuuem 01:27 24 Nov 2003

This is free for home use click here

And under 'Benefits' says 'Users are autonomous, they use their time credit as they wish, but within the usage policy (authorized timeslots, Web sites, maximum use duration) decided by the administrator.

  Rabi 23:17 28 Nov 2003

Thank you, beeuuem.

Excellent suggested programme. I am going to download the Home version and give it a try. Thanks.

Just as a matter of curiosity, is there a FreeWare programme that could match SURFPLUS, or come close?

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