Restoring winspool.drv

  canute44 10:42 09 Jan 2004

Having had the above file go missing, I have discovered from this forum how to extract the said file but cannot find out where it should now go. Can anyone (politely) tell me where to put it?

  canute44 10:47 09 Jan 2004

OS is Windows Me!

  alcudia 10:53 09 Jan 2004

In XP it's it C:\Windows\System32.

I would try C:\Windows\System.

  canute44 10:56 09 Jan 2004

Thanks alcudia I will try that.

  canute44 11:25 09 Jan 2004

I had extracted the file to C:\ as advised elsewhere but it would not relocate to Windows/System so I copied it across. This works but of course I now have the file in two places! Any ideas what to do with the spare? Is it spare? I presume that I can just delete it although I doubt if this will be allowed as the reason for copying it across was an error message saying that it could not be relocated as it was in use by Windows. At least things now work, many thanks.

  alcudia 11:30 09 Jan 2004

Just leave it where it is. It might delete after a restart, but it won't do any harm if left.

  canute44 11:32 09 Jan 2004

Again, many thanks!

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