Restoring Windows 98

  RobbieRoberts 10:50 28 May 2003

I have had a problem with my computer - a PC Science Direct Desktop which started as a possible virus - at least according to Ontrack's Fix-It utilities Emergency Rescue Disc. BUT neither AVG or Fprot Antivirus software found anything! The Computer would boot up to the Windows 98+ screen, then the internal speaker would "blow a raspberry" and the screen would go blank"
I have now tried restoring Windows 98 using the Windows Startup disc and the 98 CD-Rom BUT it goes wrong with about 15 minutes to run with various error messages such as:
"A fatal exception 0D has occurred @ 0028:C02B11AZ in VXD IFSMGR(04) + 0000A726"
Help please

  woody 10:58 28 May 2003

Have you tried format/clean install or did you try to repair it?
Back up what you can first but if it is a bug etc you will have to be very sure you do not retain your bug!

  RobbieRoberts 11:33 28 May 2003

Hi Woody,
This originally started in February, when I posted a query under "Boot Sector Virus won't respond to AVG" on 27/02/03 @ 15:49.
Since then I have tried Fprot (which did not load onto a single floppy, but I had to transfer it to the hard drive from the 3 floppies I downloaded it onto using a friend's PC) - this did not find anything either.
I have tried to save/backup some of my files from "MyDocuments" but the CD-RW did not record them successfully; sometimes "crashing" in during the recording and when it completed the "sealing" of the CD, some of the files were not recognised by my wife's Sony Vaio ( which I am using for these queries).
Someone suggested re-installing Windows and I have been using the method suggested on pages 1474 & 1475 of "Bigelow's Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Repairing PCs" (5th. Edn.)
Other error messages generated have included:-
0E @ 0028:Coo14DC8 in VxD --- This was called from 0028:C0015B15 in VxD --- NOTE the term "VxD" with the "x" in lower case, while it was "VXD" - upper case in the error message quoted in my original query.
A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C02B11A2 in VXD [All upper case] IFSMGR(04) + 0000A726. The current application will be terminated.
Hopefully thhis further info. will assist you Woody, or anyone else to solve my problem.

  keith-236785 13:15 28 May 2003

I take it you can no longer use this computer so the only way forward is to format and do a clean install.
for this you will need a windows start-up disk (floppy).

if you have a start-up disk respond and i will explain how to format your computer and re-install windows.

if not you will have to use your wifes laptop (as long as she is using win98 too, if not

go to "start/control panel/add remove programs", click the start up disk tab at the top and click create start up floppy, follow the on-screen instructions

Here goes,


Reboot your computer with the startup floppy disk in,when you get the boot menu options choose "start without cdrom support"

this will create a virtual drive which will probably be drive D:

At this point if you type D: & press enter the prompt will change to D:> type "format c:" dont forget the space between format and c:, press enter then wait. once the format is complete, press enter to complete the format


reboot your computer with the startup floppy disk and your windows98 cd rom in the drives, when you get the boot menu options choose "start WITH cdrom support"

once it has finished loading

your cd will be drive E:

at the prompt A:>

type E: & press enter

the prompt should change to E:>

then type setup & press enter

this should start the windows98 setup

this will ONLY work with a Full windows98 disc, it will NOT work if your windows98 cd is an upgrade.

Have you checked that the cd is not dirty. if it is clean it and try again (to clean the disc GENTLY wipe with a soft tissue in a circular motion round the disc) do not use any liquid cleaners.

if you have a problem post back and we will try to help again

  keith-236785 13:18 28 May 2003

sorry i missed a bit i was saying if your wife is not using windows98 then you would need to get one from, either someone you know or you could download one from click here

  Valvegrid 13:24 28 May 2003


As Woody says, a clean install may be the best option. If windows won't load you'll have to retrieve your data files using DOS. You can get into that with the windows startup disk, when the menu appears select DOS prompt which will take you to A:\ If you type C:\ this will take you to the C drive, then type C:\dir/p will list all the files on the C drive. Make a note of the ones you want to save, remember if you are saving to floppy the file size will have to be 1.38M or smaller.

To copy to the disk the file you need type copy C:\myfile A:\ (replace 'myfile' with the name of the file you want to save). Once you have done that post back and one of the guys or gals will take you though how to re-format the drive ready for a clean install.


  Valvegrid 13:28 28 May 2003

We'll done! that is the next step.


  woodchip 13:49 28 May 2003

You can remove a boot sector virus by starting with Win98 startup disc from click here Then right protect the floppy disc and start with it in comp when you get to A:\ type FDISC/MBR and it will clear the virus from the MBR, Any backups that you have made saved to floppy disc's etc or CD may have the virus so you are better starting from scratch with your software. Otherwise you may restore the virus from Backup files

  woodchip 13:50 28 May 2003

Sorry that should read FDISK/MBR

  keith-236785 14:21 28 May 2003

good one mate i didnt know about fdisk/mbr

  pj123 22:40 28 May 2003

Don't forget there is a space between FDISK and the switch /mbr, so should be fdisk /mbr.

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