Restoring using Acronis 10

  Liteman 20:05 17 Jan 2009

Hi - I backed up My Computer a couple of days before my hard drive packed up. I've had a new one put in and it has the operating system on.

My question is: if I use the Acronis boot CD to restore My Computer from my hard drive, will there be a problem with the OS which is already on the drive and the one which is presumably included in my back up?


  DieSse 20:13 17 Jan 2009

Everything on your new drive will be eliminated by the restore.

  cocteau48 20:15 17 Jan 2009

Unless you have your new OS on a separate partition I think that restoring your saved image will completely overwrite it and you will lose it.

  Liteman 20:18 17 Jan 2009

Sorry to be thick, but does the back up include the OS?

  DieSse 20:27 17 Jan 2009

If you've done a complete image, then yes, it contains absolutely every single thing that was on your computer.

  exdragon 22:15 17 Jan 2009

Thanks, chaps - I've just restored with Acronis and it all looks fine, much to my amazement!

  exdragon 22:16 17 Jan 2009

Hmm, I'd better get Lightman to tick as resolved!

  tes 09:28 18 Jan 2009

Confused.Does a backup include the OS, if so what is the point of clone?

  DieSse 10:06 18 Jan 2009

Backups include whatever you want them to include. It's the general term, and includes images, clones and copies.

  Technotiger 10:13 18 Jan 2009

The main point of a Clone is,, to move Everything Directly from one hard drive to another hard drive - usually when upgrading to a bigger capacity drive.

A clone is not something you save on another drive, as one does with a Backup!

  tes 08:07 20 Jan 2009

So,if you do a fullbackup of the c drive to another drive & c drive goes faulty how do you restore it to the new drive & would it include the os?

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