Restoring old Photographs -

  [email protected] 15:04 02 May 2003

Within the last 2 weeks someone posted a thread about restoring old photographs (cant find the thread). A forum member recommended the latest Digital Photography Made Easy as it included a section devoted to just that and also the cover freebee included PSP5. When I read this I was delighted and phoned my sister in UK asking her to buy and post. Pre-empting issue problems, I specifically asked her to make sure it was the correct issue. I have just received it; £3.99 + £3pp. Wonderful. Nothing to do with restoring old photographs or free PSP5. I checked the previous issue contents inside the mag and found nothing I want there either!!! so not the mistake of my sister. Perhaps the person who gave the duff gen would care to double check and let me (and other members) know the correct mag to get. No big deal as I am interested in the subject anyway but too much hassle for nothing really.

  monkeyshine 15:15 02 May 2003

Think you got the magazine wrong. There is an article on restoring and repairing ol photos in 'Digital Camera Magazine' issue no 07.

Weblink click here

  [email protected] 15:26 02 May 2003

thanks monkeyshine. I took advice to get the wrong mag!!! Thanks for your help. There are so many mags devoted to the same subject its easy to get it wrong so when someone recommends one you tend to take their word for it. Cheers.

  [email protected] 15:30 02 May 2003

perhaps it was you monkeyshine, who recommended the correct mag and I got it wrong!. If so Sorry. (still smarting over the postage...)

  crx1600 15:35 02 May 2003

click here 'renovating old photographs'

  vinnyT 15:39 02 May 2003

Hi wotbus, take a look at the following sites, I've been using psp now for years and find these sites excellent. If the sites don't have what you are looking for, they will point you in the right direction.

click here =

click here how to using psp

click here the plugin site (pers. fav) plugins, good links, superb forums.

  monkeyshine 15:46 02 May 2003

No problem, I'm fairly sure it wasn't me.

  woodchip 15:47 02 May 2003

click here Do not miss the menu on the left of screen

  [email protected] 15:50 02 May 2003

Wow! all good stuff. Thanks everyone. Just been reading the Dig Cam Photog site so sorry for the delay. Thanks again everyone.

  [email protected] 15:55 02 May 2003

thanks crx1600. I feel a bit better now...

  [email protected] 15:57 02 May 2003

where do you get the thread number from ?

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