Restoring my packard bell to factory settings?

  Inxinx 18:47 03 Feb 2008

Hi, basically ive had this packard bell PC for 4 years now and it is in desperate need of a restore, i want it to be back to when i first bought it.

The problem i have is that ive read you need to have a CD and floppy that came with the PC to be able to do this but i have absolutely no idea where they are or if i even have them still.

I know my Acer laptop has something called Erecovery manager and with a click of a button it restores back to factory settings, i am unable to find anything like that on my packard bell so any help towards this would be highly appreciated.


  RobCharles1981 18:53 03 Feb 2008

First thought for me is that them packards usually have a hidden partition on your computer, usually started by pressing F10 if my memory serves me correctly.

  Inxinx 19:22 03 Feb 2008

If i press F10 on startup it will give me an option to format back to factory settings using the hidden partition?

  rdave13 19:53 03 Feb 2008

Have a look here; click here

  Inxinx 16:47 06 Feb 2008

I pressed F10 on startup and it allows me to access recovery console then the DOS screen comes up and asks me to type in a command... ?

Its very confusing, if i was to get hold of a windows xp CD is there a way i can re-install overwriting EVERYTHING!?

I just want to get tnis back to when i first bought it.

  citadel 17:16 06 Feb 2008

I would get a new hard drive and a oem copy of xp. new drives are faster and have more cache than the ones that were out 4 years ago.

  Pineman100 17:27 06 Feb 2008

Have you got Packard Bell's "Smart Restore" program on your computer? Have a look at Start > All Programs > Packard Bell Support > SmartRestore.

If so, running this software should give you two options - one of them is a complete restore back to the way the computer was first delivered to you. The other is a partial restore, that leaves any additional software, etc. intact.

If you do use it, just be careful that you completely understand what will and won't be destroyed by the restore.

  Inxinx 13:38 07 Feb 2008

Have you got Packard Bell's "Smart Restore" program on your computer? Have a look at Start > All Programs > Packard Bell Support > SmartRestore.

Thanks for the reply, i followed your instructions and ran smart restore but what came up was only an install/uninstall wizard that offers programs like RecordNow and Norton Online Security to be installed, there are no options at all to restore it back to factory settings.

PS. I selected RecordNow and clicked ok for testing purposes and it asked me to insert CD ROM 1, very confused is this the right program because it is definitely smart restore.

  Pineman100 19:05 09 Feb 2008

In which case, it looks as though your recovery data is not on your hard drive, which is unfortunate.

And since you don't have a recovery CD or DVD I presume you didn't create this when you first got the computer?

I believe it's possible to buy a recovery DVD for your computer from Packard Bell. I suggest you contact their support people and ask about this.

click here and have your computer's serial number handy.

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