Restoring laptop:

  lillydrop 04:10 25 May 2007

Water got into laptop recently due to a downpour of rain. There is some life in it when swithced on but still dosent work after many days of drying out.Providing the hard drive is'nt drastically damaged, is it possible to ressurect it - such as some kind of software to repare the damage and re-boot it?

  STREETWORK 06:22 25 May 2007

It is not likely that the hard drive is kaput but more likely that the water got onto the motherboard and caused a short out. Hard drives are sealed against dust, etc.

This may lead to the fuse (if fitted) blowing and you may be able to change it and reboot.

You could open it up and strip down the components to dry out, but this is hot and miss.

Try connecting another monitor to the laptop to rule out display problems. Do display then the thing is kaput.

If kaput then it is possible to recover the files on the drive by placing in into another like laptop...

  wee eddie 10:07 25 May 2007

Do not turn anything on until it is totally dry.

Any dampness will cause parts to Short Circuit and that is frequently "Terminal!"

The best routine is:

Immediately turn it upside down/over and unplug it or remove the Battery.

Get rid of (sop up) the liquid (clean any sugar off) and allow it to dry it in something like an airing cupboard for several days if necessary.

Once it is totally dry you can turn it on and hope for the best!

  wee eddie 10:12 25 May 2007

Have you got any Back-up of the Hard Drive?

If you have not, is there anything important stored on it?

It is unlikely that the Hard Drive is damaged unless the whole thing was immersed for a while, so you could take it out and put it in an "Enclosure" effectively turning into an External(USB) Hard Drive, which you could use for backing-up with the next.

You may be able to claim for a replacement on your Household Insurance. It's worth investigating.

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