Restoring Internet connection after XP reload

  Mike_R 17:02 24 Jan 2008

I'm asking for help again, please, as my last question was not answered. The broadband came up immediately after reloading XP but not Windows Mail. THe desktop is connected to a Netgear DG834G box by ethernet, Should I reinstall something for Netgear on the desktop? Also, what should the setting in Windows Mail Tools/accpunts/Connection be?

  Pineman100 18:12 24 Jan 2008

To the best of my knowledge, Windows Mail is Vista's email client software. With Windows XP you normally get Outlook Express.

If you're trying to set up an email account within OE you'll need to know the correct names of your ISP's POP3 (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) servers.

Who is your ISP?

  Mike_R 18:22 24 Jan 2008

Sorry, my mistake. I'm on Vista and I looked at my settings. It is my son's desktop which is the problem and he is running under XP. I think that I've set up the POPs and SMTP settings correctly but no luck, hence the above question.

  cheap6 21:15 24 Jan 2008

POP3.your isp.COM/CO.UK/NET

Have you added your password ?

  Mike_R 21:22 24 Jan 2008

Yes. Done all above. When I next visit, I will recheck the settings. But I'd still be grateful for an answer to my question, if only to let me know that I'm barking up the wrong tree.

  cheap6 21:34 24 Jan 2008

What isp is he connected to and did it come with an instalation disk.

  Mike_R 23:35 24 Jan 2008

The ISP is Tiscali and it came with an installation disc. When I later installed the Netgear wireless link I disconnected the Tiscali Sagem modem and uninstalled the modem software. Then I connected the desktop to the Netgear by an ethernet cable and ran the Getgear installation disc. This work OK until I had to reload XP when the WEB connection still worked but not the Email. I've double-checked the POP3 and SMTP settings, and the addres and password, to no avail. This makes me wonder whether the connection details are correct and whether I should re-run the Netgear instrallation disc.

  daxian 11:37 27 Jan 2008

hi mike_r....
no installation is needed for the netgear.
the problem is purely an email setup thing
double check the settings ...again..Dave

  daxian 11:41 27 Jan 2008

hi mike _r......
this might help...
click here

  Mike_R 17:53 27 Jan 2008

Thanks again. I triple checked and it worked! What I did wrong before I do not know. I am now wondering whether it could have been at the Tiscali end as I was having trouble connecting on my own PC around that time.

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