Restoring a drive image from a partition

  Johnnieee 21:06 07 May 2006

Hello there,

I'm having a problem restoring a drive image stored on a partition of my hard drive.

I'm using DriveImage XL. The original hard disk was 80gb (XP), with only about 9gb being used. This was backed up onto a 12gb partition on a 120gb hard drive. Now that I have come to restore this image back onto the 80gb drive, it won't allow me to. It says the target drive must be the same or bigger than source drive. I can understand this, but I thought with the paritition being only 12gb , this wouldn't be of been a problem.

Has anyone any ideas on how I can restore this drive image? Hope you can help,


  ade.h 21:50 07 May 2006

You could try copying it to a partition on the smaller drive (which you can easily create from the Windows CD, or from Disk Management while you have the 80GB drive connected as a slave). Then run it. Whether this works will probably depend on whether the backup noted the size of the 120GB drive when it was created or is only doing so when you try to run it.

  remind 22:06 07 May 2006

it will only restore to a partition the same size
click here

  remind 22:07 07 May 2006

`or larger`

  Johnnieee 22:25 07 May 2006

Hello there,

Thank you for your replies. I wrote an email to customer support at DriveImage XL and they responded almost immediately this Sunday evening. Fair play. I haven't tried the solution yet, but it makes sense to me.

In my ignorance, I thought that I'd saved the original disk into a smaller partition and as long as I was trying to restore this smaller partition into a larger one, I wouldn't have a problem. The thing I was missing was that it didn't matter the size of the partition I was trying to restore, what counted was the volume of disk which that image represented. Duh! So that image, even though there was only about 9gb used on the original disk and was transferred as an image onto a 12gb partition, represented a whole 80gb hard disk. I was then trying restore this into a 25gb partition on the original hard disk, but obviously it wouldn't allow me, as it was an image of the whole 80gb, even though only 9gb was used.
Ok, I hold my hands up, I'm an ignorant being!

Thanks for your replies and to support at DriveImage XL.


  remind 22:35 07 May 2006

It's not immediately apparent, only if you're interested in how it stores the image. Excellent service from runtime, emailing back about a free product.
I suppose the answer is to shrink any partitions you want to image down to the minimum in future. I wouldn't have known that without checking the FAQ myself.

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