restoring computer- help please!

  natters87 14:23 10 Jun 2008

I bought a brand new acer computer in november and everything was working fine until recently. for the past few months whenever i try and play on a certain game on my computer it totally crashes and i have to turn it off and back on. then i had too much on my c drive so i tried deleting some programmes, but since i have done this whenever i try and open my pictures my computer crashes and i cant plug my camera in to upload pictures because it makes an error noise and doesn't recognise that i have inserted anything into my usb drive. also whenever i try to download anything to my computer i.e word documents or adobe reader documents i can't open them. i am aware that i may have deleted something that may be required to open them but i am not sure.
im pretty sure i dont have a virus because i have had 2 separate scans run on it by independent people. i currently have GDATA Internet Security on my computer that I had put on on my first virus scan. they said i didnt have a virus but just that my computer is really slow.
i am aware that i have a 12 month guarantee on the computer but at the moment i am studying in germany and i don't have the time to take my laptop somewhere!!
so i am thinking of restoring my computer to april when it was working ok but i deleted anything. is this a good idea? what would your advice be??
thanks for your help!!

  Pamy 14:29 10 Jun 2008

providing that there is nothing that you want/can't live without between April and now , then yes I think that is the way to go. Hope it works.

  handful 14:35 10 Jun 2008

I think a System Restore would be a good idea, certainly nothing to lose trying as you can always undo a restore. Also, bear in mind you won't lose any documents or work you have done, only maybe lose some programmes you may have installed since the restore date.

  natters87 14:46 10 Jun 2008

thank you for your prompt responses!
ok i'm trying to do the system restore, but when i go on the option it only says i can restore back to the last restore i did which was yesterday. how can i change it to an earlier date? or should i restore to factory settings? sorry if i seem a bit dumb but i'm totally clueless when it comes to computers!

  handful 15:03 10 Jun 2008

When you go into System Restore you get a calendar pop up with certain dates in bold. Anything that is bold should have a restore point that you can select. You will need to scroll back to April and select one that you know represents a date before you had your troubles. There is also usually a comment referring to what had been installed that was different to the last restore point, this can give a clue sometimes as to which programme caused the problem. Probably not in your case it appears to be something you have inadvertantly deleted.

  chub_tor 15:16 10 Jun 2008

If you cannot find a System Resore point back in April and you decide to restore the PC to its Factory Settings you need to know that you will lose everything that you have put on the computer since you bought it last November. That includes all your course work, photos, letters etc. Before you do a factory reset you need to back up all of those externally either via CD burning, USB Memory Stick or External Hard Drive.

You may be able to get your USB working again by Right Clicking Computer, then clicking on Properties, then on Device Manager. Go down to the very bottom of the tree USB devices, click on the + sign and delete everything underneath. Then either reboot and let Windows find the USB drivers or go to the top of Device Manager and you will see on the far right an icon for Searching for newly installed hardware. Just click on that and wait.

  natters87 15:25 10 Jun 2008

well i am not trying the usb thing hopefully that will work!!

i am trying to do the system restore but i have windows vista and whenever i try to create a new restore point it only uses the date from today!! arggggh someone please help!!

  natters87 15:28 10 Jun 2008

oh, and that usb thing won't work either!! i keep trying to delete everything but it keeps showing up again!

  natters87 15:29 10 Jun 2008

and how do i restore the computer to its factory settings? i dont need to back anything up on my computer just want it sorted!

  Pamy 15:35 10 Jun 2008

you nead a restore disk that was supplied with the computer or read instructions or contact supplier

  chub_tor 15:46 10 Jun 2008

As Pamy says your new Acer will have come with either a restore disk or it will have a partition on the hard drive containing Vista and the factory programmes. You need to look in the Acer manual to see which method to use to restore it to its factory settings. The manual will tell you which key to push to get into restore factory settings or it will advise you to insert the Restore Disc. If you don't wish to do that then you still have the possibility of getting it fixed under warranty by your supplier.

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