Restoring computer to factory setting

  charlton200 08:15 12 Sep 2006

I have been having odd bits of trouble with my computer and I think I might have a virus.
If I restore it to the factory setting will this get rid of any virus I might have.
I'm not saying I have a virus but the computer has been playing up for about 2 months and the system restore doesn't work any more.

Many thanks.

  Stuartli 08:19 12 Sep 2006

You need to describe exactly what "odd bits of trouble" you have been having with your system - it's too general in nature for forum members to offer any opinions.

  charlton200 08:27 12 Sep 2006

It doesn't Log of every-time any more it doesn't shut down every time anymore, more pages are freezing. Its getting slower. System restore doesn't work anymore.
I thought with things like these happening a factory restore would be the best.
And if I did have a virus that started it,it would get rid of that as well . Hopefully.


  johnnyrocker 09:38 12 Sep 2006

you dont say what operating system you have which makes helping a bit difficult.


  woodchip 09:43 12 Sep 2006

Got to be XP Home! If you have any E-Mails or other docs you should save these first before doing any restore, if you decide to go down that route. But try fixing it first.

  Strawballs 09:45 12 Sep 2006

What anti-spyware and anti-virus do you run?

  woodchip 09:50 12 Sep 2006

PS the INFO will still be on the drive, You should be able to get it all back without panicking

  charlton200 11:29 12 Sep 2006

Yes I use home xp
I have AVG anti virus +
Ad aware
Zone alarm

Would a restore to factory settings improve thing.

I also have everything Backed up that I need.

Thanks for your help.

  Stuartli 11:36 12 Sep 2006

If you have everything backed up then an XP Repair will do what you require and "refresh" the OS.


click here

for details.

Repairing XP preserves all your programs, applications, configuration etc.

  Kate B 11:39 12 Sep 2006

As a general point it's worth using Firefox rather than IE. Quite apart from the lovely functionality of Firefox, it doesn't allow ActiveX scripts to run by default - they are a source of infection.

  keithlik 11:54 12 Sep 2006

A lot depends on whether you have a genuine XP Installation disk and that you have not installed new components since registration.
If you are quite sure that you have backed up all your essential applications, addresses, financiual details etc. etc. you may consider a format which gives you a fresh start.
You really need to have someone who is experienced to guide you if you are not 100% confident.
Good luck

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