Restoring Back Ups

  Cesar 10:58 08 Jun 2004

There are no problems with my computer, but I would like to test my back-up, I am using XP Home and Drive Image 7.0 and have a Maxtor External Drive for back-ups, if I back up my computer today and then restoe it would I have any problems? thank you all for any advice.

  €dstowe 11:36 08 Jun 2004

Look on the instructions for Drive Image 7. It highly recommends that you do a test by booting up your computer via the DI CD to check that the setup works OK. If it doesn't (?!?!?!) you're in schtuck - which is the reason for doing the test run, of course.

There are ways of getting going by other methods which the DI 7 manual explains.

Assuming a catastrophic software failure and Windows doesn't boot up but DI will, it is a matter of less than an hour to get everything as it was at the time of your last backup. In the case of a hardware failure it will take longer as you have to identify the failed component first.


  €dstowe 11:37 08 Jun 2004

I should have mentioned that an external drive is not ideal for backups. A second internal hard drive on the primary IDE cable is far better.

  Cesar 10:22 09 Jun 2004

Thank you for your prompt response, my computer is a laptop with an 80GB hard disc, should I partition that and copy DI to the partition, The reason for the external hard drive is because it's a laptop. many thanks.

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