Restoring with Acronis

  bluto1 22:05 10 Dec 2008

Up to now I've backed up my files etc on CD & DVD. If I use Acronis and back up now, then in a couple of days time back up again what happens to the first back up I've made. Is it overwritten or is it a separate back up?

  bluto1 23:40 10 Dec 2008

Sorry, should be "Backing up with Acronis"

  DieSse 23:51 10 Dec 2008

"Is it overwritten or is it a separate back up?"

Depends what type of backup you are doing, and to what type of media.

If, for instance, you're doing a whole drive image, then you can choose a new file name for each backup. I do that for three generations, them I delete the first, and so on, so I always have three backups.

If you do incremental updates to the whole drive image, only the changes are backed up.

I backup to a hard drive - so I can delete old backups as and when I like.

There's so many ways of doing it, it all depends what you choose - Acronis does things almost any way you like.

  mooly 07:32 11 Dec 2008

I do running image backups ( incremental ) on a notebook saving them to the D partition. Saved the day on a few occasions I can tell you.
The best solution is a backup to a separate HDD away from the main PC.
If you use incremental backups ( the best way IMO ) only do around 6 or so max before starting a new sequence. Incrementals are quick, takes only a couple of minutes to run every 3 or 4 days. And never defrag and then continue with the incrementals without starting a new sequence off.
I also back up personal stuff to an SD card regularly as well.

  mooly 07:33 11 Dec 2008

Acronis tutorials,
click here

  David4637 14:00 11 Dec 2008

DON'T DO ACRONIS INCREMENTAL BACKUPS, its a big mistake, the risk of file corruption/restore problems goes up CONSIDERABLY.Time saving is MINIMAL. David

  mooly 17:03 11 Dec 2008

Have to disagree there based on my experience. I always use incrementals, new one each month. The full backup takes around 12 gb of space for me with each incremental being small, around a few hundred kbs. The full back up takes around 18 mins to run, the following incrementals around a couple of minutes on average.
Never had any corruption issues ever. It has worked flawlessly every time I have needed it, enabling you to restore to any point in the backup tree.
Anyone else had any problems I wonder ?

  bluto1 18:59 11 Dec 2008

Thank you all for the input, and mooly thanks for the link to the tutorials. I like DieSse's way of giving each backup a new file name and deleting the oldest after 3 generations. I will adopt that system on an external HDD.Thanks again.

  mooly 08:13 12 Dec 2008

Whatever you choose you have to have TOTAL confidence in it and how to use it. And that means not waiting until you need it, so dare I say, have play, do some backups, and restore from them.
Going back to the incrementals, the first one you run is a "full" image anyway, the starting point if you will, and then any others you run under the same "file name" just add the differences in a "tree" type structure.
Don't discount the incrementals, they are the ideal approach. A full image take quite a while to run, and takes a lot of space.
Monthly incrementals give you a "full" backup at the start of each month and you add to these as and when you want.

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