Is restore worth while?

  Housten 15:52 09 Apr 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am hoping that someone will tell me that what I wish to do, is quite all right.

I have had a problem – or three – with my computer, lately. Initially I thought that I could just use ‘restore’ and that would be that. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit computer and thought that with the number of restore points it should be easy. However none seemed to work and I, eventually, use one of my bacups that I do on a weekly basis.

Bearing this in mind the restore points that I have is substantial and I would like to know what I should reduce this to. Either by way of numbers or by reducing the amount of space I should allow these to occupy. What really gets me is that I thougt I was only asking for them in one spot, but I am finding them in some very odd places, and I would really like to get rid of them.

Any, and all, suggestions given and made will be very warmly received with my very grateful thanks.

  bumpkin 16:13 09 Apr 2015

Turn off system restore in "system protection" then reboot, they should be gone.

  john bunyan 17:08 09 Apr 2015

Another way is to use CCleaner; I would delete all but the latest 3. (CCleaner, Tools, System restore). You can configure system restore to, say 12% of the C Drive. Start, right click Computer, left click properties, left click system protection, highlight C drive and go to configure then use the slider to set the amount you want.

  bumpkin 17:24 09 Apr 2015

System restore is far from perfect but, it has been very useful to me on a few occasions over the years.

Me also but recently it has been playing up on w7 something to do with updates I am told.

  Housten 17:34 09 Apr 2015


Many thanks for your replies.

Rumpelteazer I have seen Disk Clean up. Being an old duffer I am a little confused. Do I have to click what I wish removed or is there something else that needs to be done?

bumpkin I must say a very big 'thank you' for that as I am inclined to that, as it seems not to be of any use on my computer.

john bunyan I looked at Ccleaner from which I thought you could do a restore. It was after I had started it that I found out the only thing it will do is to remove restore points. It looks good, but I think that this is a bit of a con by Piriform.

As I said I am very grateful to all you for your suggestions. Thank you.

  robin_x 19:27 09 Apr 2015

You should turn it back on if you have turned it off.

It's one of the methods to fix a non-booting computer or is useful if you pick up a virus or accidently mess up your Windows settings yourself.


You can control how much space the Restore Points are allowed in the configuration option.

Configure C: On and any other drives Off.

(Press Windows key + R and type systempropertiesprotection to go directly to the relevant option.)

  bumpkin 19:37 09 Apr 2015

robin, I forgot to say turn it back on after the restart, good point.

  Housten 12:03 10 Apr 2015

Good morning, robin_x, bumpkin and Rumpelteazer,


Many, many thanks for your comments. Without a doubt you seem to be stating that keeping restore going, should always be done.

Well I have just amended the amount of disc space I would allow it to have. I was reading the box where it was and then had to re-read!! On my computer I have a 128 GB SSD drive ( 'C:\' ) and a 1 TB hard drive ( E:\'). I have been trying to keep all my programmes on the SSD and the data that any of them require on the 1 TB drive!

But what I read in the 'system protection' box was that it needs 300 MB to run on discs greater than 500 MB AND it states - as an absolute - that it doesn't run on discs less than 1 TB. This might explain bumpkin's comment about it not working with Windows 7, but notwithstanding that my SSD is only 128 MB, so is it worth bothering to use it all? I will be very interested to hear your comments, gentlemen. And a final thought.....would it be worth while trying to see if I could get it to run on the 1 TB drive, which comes on at the same time as 'C:\' and stays on as long? Just a thought I believe may be worth asking!!

  bumpkin 12:33 10 Apr 2015

I had problems with it using Win7 but it should work, I was not saying it does not work with 7 it is meant to and mine now does again. Set it to 10% of disk space and try it. Let us know the outcome.

  john bunyan 12:47 10 Apr 2015

I assume your self generated data is on the E drive. If so, on the C drive, do as bumpkin suggests and set restore to 10% - only about 13 Gig. I have Windows 7 and my C drive is 130 Gig , but with loads of programmes including Photoshop CS5 and a 12% restore setting I am only using 75 Gig of it . (e mail - Outlook) is in my data partition. Restore is handy in my view when, for example, a newly installed programme , such as an iTunes update, goes wrong - easier to restore than to uninstall. I would make images of the drive using Macrium or similar, after scanning for malware and viruses as a back up to restoring.(to an external drive)

For the E drive I would use Freefilesynch to make frequent mirror copies to an external drive. After the first sync, it will update very quickly. Come back if you want details. (Sync Toy and others do a similar job)

  Housten 17:23 10 Apr 2015

Good Afternoon bumpkin and john bunyan,

bumpkin, I will amend my setting of restore on my SSD to about 12 GB.

john bunyan, I think you will be able to tell I will amend my restore to about 10% of my SSD. I do weekly backups with Paragon Backup and Recovery 2013 Free, so I will keep going on that and have the backup data on a portable hard drive. I also use Allways to do my synching, anything up tp 5 times a week.

I do not know if you have any thoughts on a copying programme? I have been getting annoyed with Windows Copy, as it seems to be taking longer and longer!! While I hope I have your attention I thought I would be a little bit cheeky and ask!!

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