Restore points - How useful are they really ?

  mooly 08:08 09 Jan 2009

I have never quite grasped all this and if I actually encounter a problem I tend to roll back the system with image backups anyway.
If you you use a restore point, particularly one more than a week or so old, does that not delete all the MS updates etc since then. What about restoring back a month or two ? If I installed a 3rd party program say a month ago and restored back before the time it was installed would it remove that said program. Does it actually "fully remove" whatever it seems to, or are those files still left behind etc.
Do you find system restore useful ultimately ?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:21 09 Jan 2009

They are useful in the event that there is nothing else in place as a backup; if a user creates images with, for example, Acronis True Image, then it is safe to ignore system restore.

For the majority of people who don't have an alternative, they can be a godsend when the machine malfunctions.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 09 Jan 2009

As for your question, it will remove the programs installed since the date of the restore point - hence many programs will create a restore point as the first part of the installation process.

  User-1229748 08:36 09 Jan 2009

seems to me that the further back you try and restore to the less chance of the restore working anyway.

  hssutton 08:46 09 Jan 2009

Very useful if they work. I'm using Vista Ultimate, and have tried two separate Restore Points in the past few days, both ran the full course and failed.

Fortunately I do back up my system on a weekly basis, so I could use that if I where desperate.

  birdface 09:26 09 Jan 2009

Maybe try system restore in safe mode.

  Tony W. 09:33 09 Jan 2009

Sorry to jump in and somewhat hijack this thread.

I also have tried several times during the last three months to do a system restore (Windows XP).

But no matter how far I go back or how many times I try its never worked for me.

If hssutton could please explain how he backs up his system on a weekly basis so if necessary in the future I could use the same method I would be very grateful.Thanks.


  Sea Urchin 09:41 09 Jan 2009

System Restore click here

  Zeppelyn 09:57 09 Jan 2009

In my view its not that good and if you rely on this only there will be trouble ahead. In my expereience it fails 7 times out of 10, I put my trust in Acronis True Image for those times when things go wrong.

  hssutton 11:38 09 Jan 2009

Thanks will try that.

Tony W.

Tony I use the inbuilt back-up built into Vista. I process 100s of photos each week which I do not want to lose, so have set Vista to back-up on a weekly basis. Acronis would probably be better, but my version will not work with Vista.

  mooly 12:23 09 Jan 2009

Interesting thoughts ! and a good link Sea Urchin. I have never used it in anger so to speak, always preferring to go back to an image backup. Good old Acronis -- what would we do without it.
So the general opinion is that it's of limited use ultimately.

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