Restore or driver disk for Tiny TI 440BXM

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:21 20 Mar 2005

Bit of a long shot this but what the hell. A friend of mine who lives in the South of France has a Tiny TI 440 BXM computer that is well ill. I have managed to talk her through putting a copy of W98SE on but the drivers are a real piggin' pain. Tiny is as much use, support and download-wise, as a fridge in at the North Pole and she is not that clued up on unzipping files etc. To make matters worse she is not connected to the net and even if she was the phone system down there leaves much to be desired........., has anyone got a driver disk (I think they were separate or they might have been on the restore disk)that I can copy to send to her, so that I can talk her through loading the sound, graphics and modem drivers (natch I will pay all postage and you can even have a copy, unused, of Photoshop Elements 2).

The computer was bought in 1999ish and getting information of President Bush's daily schedule is easier than getting info for this computer. I believe that they were popular in their time.


  georgemac © 11:03 20 Mar 2005

Gandalf, I think I have a friend with this very pc and restore disk. I will email her and see if I can borrow the restore disk which I can copy and send to you.

She does not check email daily, so it may be a few days but I will let you know.

I was at her PC last time home, the modem was a real pain (PCtel) and I ended up replacing it - I do not know if it did not like 98SE which I also put on for her, then used the MS security update disk to put on all the 98 updates. It was working on normal 98 before I reformatted her drive.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:10 20 Mar 2005

Cheers...I have sent her the SP1 update disk which loaded OK but trawling through the drivers at driverguide is a bit of a nightmare without having the PC in front of me and there are many similar but different ones. She is not really clued up on computers and I think she has some of the components wrong.


  @[email protected]!c 11:13 20 Mar 2005

this thread click here
is talking about the same computer and at they discover the name of the motherboard and a link to all its drivers..i cannot be 100% certain its the one you need but i hope it is..regards akanic

  georgemac © 12:07 20 Mar 2005

the one I was inside had a pentium 2 processor, so it may not be the same one?

I think it had intel onboard graphics, and a pc tv card, I also think it had ac 97 audio but cannot remember.

I will wait until she replies to find out for sure.

  spik 13:47 20 Mar 2005

I don't know if it helps but I am still running a Tiny which was purchased in Feb 98 with Windows 95 installed. It doesn't mention a model number but the motherboard is AL440LX. I have a recovery disc which comprises CD and floppy disc which I have never had to use so I don't know what happens when you put them in the drives so I'm a bit nervous about trying to copy them on my computer running XP in case it tries to install Windows 95. If all else fails however I will try for you.


  pj123 14:11 20 Mar 2005

Give our good friend Daniel Warren the Time/Tiny rep on this forum a go. email him at [email protected]

He might be able to find you a CD.

  Reet 14:34 20 Mar 2005

I puchased my Tiny computer January 1999. it is Intel 440 Bx chipset. I have the original CD restore amd also a Floppy System restore V3.9A. If it is useful I could post you a coPy. This is what is on the floppy:

  bremner 15:02 20 Mar 2005

I have Tiny restore pack 4.2 which was for a Tiny BX440 based Windows 98 machine. Which you are most welcome to have.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:54 20 Mar 2005

Many thanks for all the kind offers but after speaking to her again she has decided to bring the computer over in June and I will be able to have a good look at it. I may well be asking for help around that time.


  Total Care Support 11:37 14 Apr 2005


sorry only just found this as you know I tend to post in the consummer watch forum.

I will look though the archives to see what Info I can find about the system. However It was one made by Tiny when it was under ownership of O.T. Computers, when they went into receivership alot of their fileing was very creative.

Any other info that you may have would help like the postcode the system was sold too, as it will allow me to get a breakdown of the system.

hopefully I will have an answer for you soon

best regards

Daniel Warren,
Granville Technology, [email protected]

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