Restore on hidden partition

  sil_ver 12:08 26 Jul 2006

I'm about to 'springclean' a PC which has XP installed but is mightily slow. It only has 256Mb RAM which I have suggested is too little. The Restore function (F10) is on a hidden partition. No CDs were supplied by 'Higrade' so the hidden partition is the only backup. I don't like this idea because HDDs do fail. My question is, Is there any way I can download the hidden files to a workable CD? The XP key is attached to the casing. Just to complete the picture it also has AOHell installed which has just got to go. For info. there doesn't appear to be an option to burn the restore files to CD.

  xania 16:48 26 Jul 2006

It does seem a bit ridiculous not to be allowed to save this onto a CD to protect you from a Hard Disk failure. Trouble is that the supplier is probably hoping for some support fees - who's a cynic - its certainly not (to my knowledge) a licencing problem. Have you asked Higrade about this? Drop them an e-mail or check for a user FAQ area
You will probably need a partition manager to un-hide this partition and then you can copy it to a CD or external HD. You should also test this to ensure that it will allow you to boot up to reinstall the software - go as far as the warning that it will delete all you current partition and then back out.
Re AOHell, have you tried Add/remove programs?

  sil_ver 17:23 26 Jul 2006

Getting rid of AOL takes a bit more than using 'Add/Remove Prog' I'm afraid. AOL tends to install itself in the manner of a shotgun as apposed to a rifle so you're not just looking for one 'bullet'

I am considering getting in touch with Higrade but it's not my computer and apparently when they did repair it by fitting a new mobo it's not made a deal of difference. It still keeps crashing/freezing so I said I'd have a look if she didn't mind me breaking the warranty seals on the case (Another stupid idea IMHO)as I think it's full of dust which is not gonna help. Your comments are appreciated so thankyou

  xania 08:53 27 Jul 2006

Found this link which totally supports your view but does did some ideas and alternatives. Mighr be worth a read.

click here

I have only ever bought one PC - in 1991. Everyone since then I've built myself - so can't talk about those wretched seals. But a PC that's still in warranty should not need to be cleaned, and should eb returned as unsatisfactory if it keeps crashing/fresszing. Ahowever, a PC with only 256Mb RAm sounds like quite an old PC so I wouldn't worry about the seals. The warranty is probably well out and you could well be right about that spring clean.

  sil_ver 10:02 27 Jul 2006

The PC is just out of mfr warranty but the owner purchased an extended warranty. She's lost faith in there ability to fix it as her friend has an identical machine and it's been nothing but trouble showing the same symptoms. I still think it could a shortage of memory that's causing the crash/freeze. Trust me on this, it's full of dust. Gawd knows where she kept it, I suspect on the floor probably a carpet, not the ideal place IMHO. I'm still waiting to hear from Higrade regarding burning the hidden files but I'm not hopeful. Looking at the link you supplied only bears out what I suspected regarding AOL

  xania 13:26 27 Jul 2006

With an extended warranty, they should clean out the machine. 256 MB is certainly weak and could cause the problems. Frankly, why she bothered to extend the warranty is beyond me - if they can't get in right in a year, they'll never get it right. I can only suggest you try to get them to sort this ut - anything you do, unless with their written permission, will almost certain invalidate what warrnty she has left.

  sil_ver 14:18 27 Jul 2006

She's written off the warranty cos she thinks I'd probably do a better job of sorting it out. I've had the sides off and I've never seen so much dust. Took me about half hour to clean it all out (With air duster) the CPU heatsink and fan were clogged which no doubt contributed to the crashes/freezes. Anyway, I've added another 256Mb RAM so we'll see what happens after the reinstall. Talking of extended warranty, I went with a lady to advise on a new computer (PCW) Once she decided on one. Salesman homed in on the extended warranty spiel. I tried too talk her out of it but to no avail. About 14 months later she told me she'd got probs so I reminded her of her extended warranty. Her reply was "I don't want them to do it I would like you to have a look". What a waste of money.

  xania 12:39 28 Jul 2006


  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:02 28 Jul 2006

If you can get True image 9 this should allow you to backup your partition to a DVD I think. Better still if you reload your computer completely and then make an image, you will have a restore that contains all your software etc. You may consider obtaining an external USB drive to perform this action.

  sil_ver 17:55 28 Jul 2006

Good point Hertz might be worth following up. I had an email from HiGrade who said you can't burn the hidden image but they (very generously) offered to sell me a restore CD. Anyway the PC is now up and running and the CPU temp has dropped from 49c to 35c and applications open faster so the lady should be happy now.....Thanks Xania and HVR for suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 28 Jul 2006

You can copy the partition to another drive or CD / DVD as long as you "unhide" it so it can be sen in windows / your burning software.

click here will hid / unhide partitions.

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