parkhead 11:21 14 Nov 2010

Hi Guys,

Years ago when I bought my first Gateway computer you received about twenty discs with it and when there was a ‘breakdown’ I used to have to spend hours on the ‘phone to Ireland getting talked through ‘rebuilding’ it. Therefore I think the option to restore modern computers to factory settings is magic. A bought a new computer about a month ago and despite having a free trial with McAfee it appeared to pick up a virus. So, hey presto, I restored to factory settings. I always keep all my work backed up so no problems there.

Am I correct in thinking this magic solution is as good as I think it is? Are there any downsides? I have read that some viruses can survive this process. Is this true? What would one have to do if that happened?

Many thanks for your kind assistance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 14 Nov 2010

Upside - nothing survives if done correctly

Downside -
1. you get back all the junk that was pre installed and loose everything you have installed since.

2. The image is usually on a hidden partition on the hard drive, if the Hard drive fails you loose everything, sometime you cannot access the inbuilt tools for a startup repair or factory restore.

Best Option
Buy something like Acronis True Image ad make a image on to an extrenal disk on a regular basis - you can restore to the same drive - or put in a bigger drive. and be back to normal without loosing anything in approx 15 minutes.

  parkhead 13:22 14 Nov 2010

Hi Fruit Bat,

Very many thanks for that.

Aconis - To be honest that sounds a bit beyond me.

Upside - That is good.

Your 1. - I don't mind these too much.

Your 2. - I made recovery discs when I got the computer. Does that take care of that problem?

Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 14 Nov 2010

Sometimes the recovery disk is just to bot the hidden partition.

Acronis is easy I have mine set to make an image weekly just leave it alone one night per week it backs up all my partitions in case of failure.

  mooly 18:00 14 Nov 2010

Although Fruitbats absolutely correct in saying that using an external HDD is the best way, as long as you accept and realise that if the internal HDD fails and that that is that... end of if it does :) then you can use Acronis (as I do) to put the image backups on the D partition on your HDD. All you need is the program and it's easy to use as Fruitbat says. I run mine manually daily... takes around 2 minutes for the incrementals (the first image in a sequence is a full image and takes longer)

Acronis lets you make running incremental backups as you go along... I start a new one weekly adding to it every day so am never more than 24 hours old in where I can recover too.

It's the most important program I own. You never worry again over crashes, or trying software for fun knowing you won't keep it, viruses etc etc.

Many laptops (maybe desktops too) come with similar backup utilities pre installed.

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