Restore Down in Vista

  Tony 20:13 22 Jul 2008

I am trying to find a solution to a VISTA problem. When my screen goes to screen saver, I come back and all the windows have "Restored Down" to the middle of the screen but the Maximise button is not there - so to enlarge it back to your screen size you have to click on Restore Down then it appears and you can click on Maximise - Any ideas please?

  grey george 21:12 22 Jul 2008

When you say in the middle of the screen do you mean one behind the other in the aero 3d layout?
If so click the second box on the quick launch bar and they should swap back.

  skidzy 21:16 22 Jul 2008

You have the Aero theme enabled and your problem (not a problem really) its the window here

  woodchip 21:52 22 Jul 2008

Why not turn the monitor off and save power? instead of Screen savers

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