Restore Discs And New Hard Drive

  Daz35 00:33 20 May 2004

I am currently awaiting a new hard drive plus engineer to fit it from PCW (PC service call)after my hard drive died after only 5 months.
I have already waited 10 days for the part and when complaining about this fact asked why they couldn't send me a replacement (Maxtor 80Gb) from one of their stores so I could fit it myself. The store manager told me that the new drive will have a secret partition exclusive to my particular machine with the OS info on, so that the restore discs could then be used. (I don't have original XP discs, only restore) Are they just stalling me or is the way it works. Please advise. Thankyou

  Night Ryder 00:41 20 May 2004

Regrettably this is the way the system works nowadays after Microsoft decided not to supply Windows system disks any more with new PC's.
Does seem to me that you've waited and excessive amount of time however for PCW to resore your system. Only way round this is to purchase your own copy of the operating system ... bit expensive I'm afraid.

  Daz35 01:09 20 May 2004

Thanks for the info.
PCW consider 28 days a 'prompt repair'.
I don't and I complained but as usual it got me nowhere. In their terms and conditions it says they will repair, refund or exchange the faulty item if it goes wrong within 1 year. Unfortunately the first port of call is repair.
Fair enough, but I don't consider 10 working days to get a part in quick enough. With weekends and the time scale to get the engineer out, it adds up to over 3 weeks.
Not good enough I said to after sales and the store manager, who gave me the store phone number and told me to keep him informed of what was happening. If the repair is not done next week, he has offered me (after a lot of pushing and discussion)a new machine -----perhaps!?
Please let me know how long they take to get the engineer out and ring me to discuss it, he said.
PC service call should ring Friday to confirm the drive arriving and book the engineer to do the job, so it will be interesting in how long it is before the engineer comes out.
I'm not blaming PC world, after all they are just a re-seller, however I don't think the time-scale of this is acceptable. Other views please (for a bit of ammunition if nothing else!)

  Daz35 10:13 20 May 2004


  Old Shep 10:40 20 May 2004

I think you are being a bit too nice to them. My son had the same problem at PCW with his computer. Having been given a simular story (put off) he demanded to see the manager,threw a wobbler and threatened to bring it back and announce to all the customers what crap they were selling. Needless to say it was given a new computer. Depends how patient you are, at the end of the day they sold it to you they are responsible

  Daz35 01:39 26 May 2004

Further to this thread, my new hard drive has been fitted and everything is working.
However, just before the old hard drive died, something started making crackling type noises.
click here
for the previous thread.
I started to re-install everything and find I'm getting the same noises, which is a tad worrying.
Is there any reason that something loose or too much dust in a fan would cause this noise and then make the hard drive fail?
The PC is only 6 months old and sits under my desk on laminate flooring (would this cause extra noise?)

  hugh-265156 01:48 26 May 2004

where does the noise come from?

have you tried moving it of the hard floor and onto a mat or carpet to try as asked in the previous thread?

did you not mention to the engineer or have you just noticed it?

try moving it and if it still makes a noise try opening the case up and put a tube to your ear(kitchen roll tube etc) and have a listen to find out.

failing that get back in touch with pc world again.

ps. dont get stroppy with them as Old Shep suggests.i dont think you will get very far that way :-)

  Daz35 02:03 26 May 2004

Just spoken to PC service call again and he suggested running scan disk to check out the integrity of the drive.
I have moved it, but the noise was still there.
I didn't mention it to the engineer as he went as soon as the restore discs installed and I didn't notice it until I was running a system scan with Norton.
They also suggested it could be the bearings on the new hard drive, as it was new.

I'll try using scan disk and report back.

Must get some sleep at some stage.....zzzzzzz!

  hugh-265156 02:18 26 May 2004

"it could be the bearings on the new hard drive, as it was new"

LOL! nice one :-)

hard drives nowdays are whisper quiet. even very fast ones.

check with the case open as suggested.may just be a case fan rattling.check the fan on the psu also i had to replace mine not so long ago as the rattly fan was driving me nuts.

  hugh-265156 02:31 26 May 2004

should have read as:

"i had to replace the psu because it had a rattly fan"

dont even attempt to open the psu BOOM!!! :-)

  Daz35 02:51 26 May 2004

Well scan disk didn't work a my drive is NTSC and the boot disc only works with Fat32.
I'm de-fragging at the moment as that might help(they said)
I'll open it up later and have a listen - did your fan only rattle when the drive is spinning?

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