Restarts during S.AntiSpyware scan and freezes. Help please?

  buel 15:48 31 May 2013

Hi, My laptop has been freezing lately so I tried to run a SuperAntiSpyware scan but it restarts during it so I am stuck what to do. I have completed Avast and Malwarebytes scans and have not found anything. Oddly, the Firefox tabs' borders I have open seem to have a slight transparent look to them. Might be nothing to do with my problems but does seem odd.

Any help would be appreciated!

  buel 16:31 31 May 2013

This is what also happens halfway through the scan:

  rdave13 16:50 31 May 2013

Does it happen only whan you scan? Had similar with HP laptop and was a faulty motherboard after grandaughted hammered seven bells out of the keyboard :( It could be a faulty connection somewhere.

  buel 17:01 31 May 2013

It sometimes does it when I scan, it mainly just restarts Im afraid (not during the other 2 scans I mentioned)

Other symptoms are that after viewing a particular page (any page), it resorts to bring up a different page (not a sinister page, just a forum I have up)

  buel 17:14 31 May 2013

Nope, I haven't deleted a thing.

  buel 19:58 31 May 2013

Maybe I should try an online scan?

  rdave13 20:24 31 May 2013

You can certainly run an online scan. Seeing your link still makes me think it could be a connection/hardware problem somewhere and just a coincidence that scanning with SAS was the problem. Why not uninstall SAS, reboot, and see if it occurs again. Should be no problem as you still have Malwarebytes installed.

  buel 21:11 31 May 2013

Good thinking!

If you are right, I guess I should back up my laptop to my external HD asap. Are there any free back up programmes out there that you'd recommend, please?

  rdave13 21:24 31 May 2013

Don't use free backups as what little information is precious to me I use paid for programs. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is the best I can recommend but only from other users' recommendations.

  buel 22:08 31 May 2013


Also, when I try to update the SuperAntiSpyware programme the laptop crashes.

Can anyone advise of some good online scans please?

  rdave13 22:24 31 May 2013

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