Restarting from Standby / Hibernation

  Christofo 09:13 25 Apr 2006

Dear All,

Good morning. I seem to be having a wee problem with my laptop and after the superb help last time round i thought i would ask again.

I have a toshiba satellite 1900 laptop running windows XP home SP2. Recently i am having problems when i close the lid of the laptop while the 'puter is still running. Normally this used to send the system into Hibernation / Standby, (can't remember which one as very rarely did this normally just turned off.

My problem comes from when i lift the lid again the screen remains blank and i am unable to turn the computer off. (Tried holding down the power button for a couple of seconds). The only way to turn it off is to unplug it and let the battery go. Probably not the best i know but don't really know if there is any other options.

I have had a look at the Microsoft website and they have some information on this type of problem, but it involves being able to get into the computer.

When i restart my computer after plugging it back into the mains it still seems to be in hibernation / standby, with the CD player doing short sprints.

I am really at a loss on how i can break this nasty cycle and turn off the hibernation / standby so it doesn't happen again.

If anyone has any ideas they will be very welcome.



  xania 09:39 25 Apr 2006

I have to say that, looking at the manual I found this particularly unhelpful - no reference to BIOS, sleep mode, etc. but there you go. You should be able to switch this off in the BIOS setup, if you can work out how to enter the BIOD setup - it should tell you when you first switch on. If this does not work, I can only suggest that you deliberately switch the laptop to hibernate or sleep (see P2-11 of your manual) and it should then come back to like quite quickly by switching it on normally.

Incidentally, if you don't have the manual, click here.

  Jackcoms 10:48 25 Apr 2006

There is a known issue/conflict with some models of laptop running Win XP and hibernation.

I know that Dell laptops are one of the 'culprits' (I use a Dell laptop) but I'm not sure about Toshiba.

The problem seems to be that, if hibernation is enabled, the laptop will either not go into hibernation or will not come out of hibernation.

MS are aware of the problem but have yet to issue a fix.

Try disabling hibernation (Control Panel; Appearance and Themes; Choose a Screen Saver; Power). Click the Hibernate tab and untick Enable Hibernation. Click Apply.

It should be OK to enable 'Turn off Monitor', 'Turn off Hard Disks' and 'System Standby' for whatever periods suit you.

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